The front porch saga…

Besides all the work at the new house we still have plenty of unfinished projects going on at our house. The biggest being the front porch that may never be finished. Last year Dan thought he would pay someone to build our front porch so that it would get done quickly and not be another unfinished project. What is it about us that makes even that fail?

Here’s a recap of the porch since last Oct, yes, 6 months ago, no wait that was 8 months ago…

In October Dan and the boys started tearing off the front porch in anticipation of the builders coming to build our new porch. We had hoped to have the porch built and house sided before winter.


Nov. 6 the frame was started…


Then Nov. 25 a little more was added on…


That was a long day of work. I think at this point we were optimistic that it would still be done before winter set in.


Dec. 4 must have warmed up just enough for a little bit more framing to be completed.


But then it all stalled. The bitterly cold weather rolled in and didn’t leave for many months. In Jan. we finally had our metal roof delivered. Sadly it just sat there for a few more months.


We did have to add a tarp to the porch since Dan was worried about the weather warping all the exposed framing. That tarp was the noisiest thing ever, on a  windy night, right outside our bedroom windows.


At least the snow and below freezing weather kept the mud pit that was our side yard at bay. Once everything melted we had to jump though the mud whenever we were coming or going because, of course, we could not use our front door.


Finally in March Dan couldn’t take the tarp any more and he put up tar paper instead. We also added a few sheets of plywood to the porch so we could use the front door again.


It is now June 5 and the guys have finally returned, hopefully to finish this job. They’ll at least get the floor boards down because we have all the supplies for that. We bought a bunch of great smelling cedar and we even got it all clear coated. They left halfway through but I’m hopeful they’ll return tomorrow!



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