What’s Dan been working on?

Dan gets to do all the down and dirty work on the house. Replacing all the electric and plumbing doesn’t make for very exciting pictures but it sure is nice to be able to turn on a light or clean my paint brushes in the utility sink.

Look at that fancy new electric box Dan installed. Much nicer than the old one that was questionable at best.IMG_4448

We’re finally replacing the faucet in the kitchen, this is the last of the plumbing that needs to be replaced.IMG_4438

When Dan was doing the plumbing in the bathroom he debated whether he should remove all the lead pipes or just leave them in. He decided to go ahead and take them out.IMG_4442 And it was a good thing he did because this is what the inside of the pipe looked like. No water was going to get through there, ever! That’s disgusting! IMG_4443 The garage has been very handy for storage and construction. IMG_4444 We’ve almost gotten rid of all the left behind paint cans. I more load to the haz-mat drop off location and we should be done.


Here’s just some of the pipes and wires Dan has taken out of the house that we need to recycle. I can’t wait to see how much money we’ll get for all of it.   IMG_4455


I’m almost done with all the painting. We are hoping to sand the floors this weekend and get several coats of poly on them next week. That will give them time to sit undisturbed while we’re in North Carolina.


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