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Dan and I have been together for over 20 years now. We have 3 amazing kids that keep us very busy. I have been a stay at home mom almost since the beginning 20+ years ago. We decided when the kids were wee little ones that we wanted to homeschool them. So none of them went to school until Daniel was 15, he started as a sophomore in high school. Then Beth tried high school for her freshman and sophomore years. Thomas is still home with me living and learning naturally. We have a very relaxed way of homeschooling, the kids learn by living and being very involved in our community. We do a little bit of book work some days but not all days. The two older ones have developed into highly intelligent, self motivated, curious individuals who love school, love their teachers, and are excited about continuing on into college. By all accounts our experiment has worked the way it was meant to.

While the kids keep growing and their interests and pursuits change so do their learning environments. Daniel is in college at OSU studying Computer Science Engineering but has found his true joy to be studying his minor, Psychology. After 2 years in high school Beth returned to homeschooling so she has more time to pursue her interests in art, fashion design and modeling. She is now getting ready to go to Kent State to study Fashion Design. Thomas is happy to have one of his siblings back home with him but we all miss Daniel since he has moved on to campus.

family grad pic

Along the way I went to school to be a massage therapist and while I loved being in school and loved meeting new people that were interested in healthy alternatives to allopathic medicine I have found that I prefer to be home with my family so I work very infrequently. When Thomas has moved on to not needing me all the time I may volunteer as a massage therapist in some type of healing setting, possibly with hospice or working with children.

One of my life long passions has been art and that is what I see myself doing as the children move on in their lives. Hopefully, next year I will get my art studio built and I can get everything set up in one creative area. I love making mosaic stained glass windows but I would also like to expand into glass fusion, glass blowing, jewelry making, weaving, painting really many, many forms of art. The hope being some day maybe I’ll be able to let go of one of my pieces and actually try to sell it.

In the mean time we garden organically, renovate our 100 year old house, cook organic locally raised food, spend time with friends, watch OSU football and spend way too much time on the computer!

2 thoughts on “More about me

  1. Hi Sheila:
    I am Dan’s cousin. Aunt Marilyn forwarded your blog to my mom (Aunt Bobbie aka Aunt Roberta). How exciting for your daughter! To me, she looks a lot like the Schuerger side of the family.

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