Antique Trucks

I’ve been wanting an old truck for quite awhile now. I can picture myself driving an awesome old rusty truck going to pick up furniture for my booth or towing my vintage trailer (that I also have been wanting for awhile.)

Well my very sweet husband has been looking for a truck for me and he thought he had found the perfect one. So off to Wapakoneta we headed on Sat morning to test drive it and see if it was everything we hoped it would be. Sadly it was a little too rough for me to drive on a regular basis. And I just don’t think we need another project right now. So we’ll keep looking but maybe for something not quite that old.

But, oh my, she is awfully cute!

1950 Dodge Truck

1950 B series pickup truck

3sp manual
First year of column shift and fluid drive transmission
“Pilot-house” rubber mounted cab with rear quarter windows – rare option for 1950

Runs and drives nice.
Not a rust bucket

What’s Dan been working on?

Dan gets to do all the down and dirty work on the house. Replacing all the electric and plumbing doesn’t make for very exciting pictures but it sure is nice to be able to turn on a light or clean my paint brushes in the utility sink.

Look at that fancy new electric box Dan installed. Much nicer than the old one that was questionable at best.IMG_4448

We’re finally replacing the faucet in the kitchen, this is the last of the plumbing that needs to be replaced.IMG_4438

When Dan was doing the plumbing in the bathroom he debated whether he should remove all the lead pipes or just leave them in. He decided to go ahead and take them out.IMG_4442 And it was a good thing he did because this is what the inside of the pipe looked like. No water was going to get through there, ever! That’s disgusting! IMG_4443 The garage has been very handy for storage and construction. IMG_4444 We’ve almost gotten rid of all the left behind paint cans. I more load to the haz-mat drop off location and we should be done.


Here’s just some of the pipes and wires Dan has taken out of the house that we need to recycle. I can’t wait to see how much money we’ll get for all of it.   IMG_4455


I’m almost done with all the painting. We are hoping to sand the floors this weekend and get several coats of poly on them next week. That will give them time to sit undisturbed while we’re in North Carolina.

Springfield Antique Show & Flea Market

Twice a year my friend Kristen and I (try) to leave the house by 7am for an all day junk/ antique shopping extravaganza in Springfield. This year the weather didn’t really cooperate for our fun day of shopping. Even though its supposed to be spring we ended up havign to buy hats and gloves so we didn’t freeze to death. But we still stuck it out for our all day shopping event and found plenty of treasures.

We always have a list of things that we’re looking for. This year my list had lighting for the new house, pyrex dishes, vintage kitchen utensils, hardware, knobs and casters, maple syrup container, ironstone and dansk cookware. I found most the items on my list but a few things I’ll have to keep searching for.

Here is all my lighting that I found, a fixture for the living room and closet. And 2 heavy metal colanders that I am going to make into pendant lights for the kitchen.


I have a love affair going with vintage pyrex dishes. I have been trying not to buy any until my kitchen renovation is complete and I actually have somewhere to put them. But with hope of that dwindling I decided to go ahead and start buying some now. How could you ever resist all those pretty colors?


And here are all my pieces displayed on my hutch. I really don’t have too much and they all look so pretty together.


Since the one construction job around here that may actually be finished sometime soon is the front porch I did decide to buy some fun stuff for that. I have plans of filling it up with lots of potted plants so i was looking for some new fun vases.



This is the only big thing I bought and I think it will look great filled up with plants on the front porch.


I didn’t find any Dansk cookware but I did find this awesome enameled cast iron pot from Holland. They make the coolest kitchen stuff in Holland.


I couldn’t resist this turquoise blanket and not just because I was freezing to death!


Another very small collection I am starting is hand mirrors, this is only my 3rd one so it is definately a small collection.

IMG_4346 IMG_4345

I guess these are for hanging stuff in the kitchen but when I bought them I was thinking they were planters to hang on the fence. I think that’s what I’ll use them for.

IMG_4343 IMG_4342

Hmm well this is beginning to sound like I’m a hoarder but one more thing I’ve started collecting is vintage cake carriers. I am particular about the ones I keep. If they aren’t what I’m looking for then I put them in my booth to sale. This is only the second one I’ve kept for myself, but I have put several in the booth.


More fun kitchen stuff…


A few items for me and few items for the booth. Sadly most the prices at Springfield are too high for me to resell stuff. But every now and then I find something cheap enough that I can make a little profit off of it.

Oh and I finally bought my first piece of Ironstone china (the platter below) also a new collection I’m just starting.


These beads are for a chandelier that I’m redoing for the booth. And the clip on earrings will be made into flowers.


And who doesn’t need casters? These are so expensive that whenever I find them for a good price I have to buy them!


That was all my treasures from a day of hunting. I can’t wait for our next marathon shopping day.

The back story

Who lives in a house that is in such bad condition? We all had different theories about the previous owners. I had seen a google earth image of the house that had 4 or 5 work vans parked in the driveway so I imagined a house full of immigrants that were in the construction business. The kids were pretty sure it was a drug den. Dan just thought it was an old red neck. Whoever it was I imagined they were not very happy about their house being foreclosed. One day I tried to go to the house by myself to get some measurements and I was so terrified that I was going to be murdered by the axe murder hiding in the basement that I only lasted about 3 minutes before I had to run out of the house. Because, ya know, whoever lived there before still had keys!

Besides the bad condition inside the house there was one very bizarre clue left in the yard.


Why was this broken down van left behind? There are no plates and 4 flat tires. Then when we looked inside it was completely full of hazmat materials. Cans of paint, blacktop sealant, stain, fire extinguisher, oxygen tank, propane tanks and that’s just what we could see on the top of the pile. There are no seats in the van, just a lot of leftover construction materials. So part of our demo includes getting rid of all the stuff inside the van then having the van towed to a junk yard.

Another bonus that was left for us is a pallet of cement bags that have been left out in the weather for who knows how long. Which means they are all now solid cement. Thank goodness Thomas has spent all this time working out and building up those muscles, he’s gonna need them!


These items have added to the mystery of the previous owners. But the other day I was finally able to catch the neighbor letting her dog out. I went over and chatted with her for a bit about her cute dog, who is always excited to see us and runs along the fence whenever we’re over at the house. Turns out the dog used to live in our house but when the previous tenant left he couldn’t afford to keep the dog so they took him. No wonder he gets excited when he sees us, maybe he wants to come home.

And then I asked her what the deal was with the house, who lived here before? Turns out none of us were even close. A woman owned the house and her partner lived with her. And they were hoarders! Well that explains everything, no wonder the walls hadn’t been painted in decades or the carpets were so gross, they couldn’t even see those things because the house was so full of stuff. The five vans parked in the driveway were just more things they were hoarding. The neighbor said it made a (very ugly) privacy fence that blocked out all the other stuff that was in the back yard.

Recently the woman died and her partner couldn’t afford to keep the utilities on or pay the mortgage so he was eventually evicted and the house was foreclosed. Then the bank had many dumpsters of stuff removed (including some of the storm windows, I think) and 4 of the vans removed. Why did they leave 1 van and a pallet of cement for us to deal with? Instantly the fear of returning thugs has disappeared. I am no longer scared in the house and I am much more comfortable with the kids living in the house.

I’m so glad the back story was as benign as it was!

Xmas snowflakes

Years ago the kids and I made, what felt like, 100’s of these beaded snowflakes. Recently we got the beads out and amazingly I still had the instructions for these super easy snowflakes. Once you make one and get a feel for it you can alter the pattern so all of your snowflakes are different.

You’ll need pipe cleaners, paddle wheel beads, faceted beads, tri-beads, hot glue gun & Elmer’s glue:

Cut pipe cleaner so you have 3 even pieces (If you get the long pipe cleaners cut them in half) Twist the center so all 3 pipe cleaners are hooked together, then fan out each arm.

string beads on each arm in the following pattern (feel free to alter it for your own design)

* 1 faceted bead
* 1 tri-bead
* 1 faceted
* 1 tri-bead
* 1 paddle wheel
* 1 tri bead
* 1 faceted

put a spot of Elmer’s glue under the final bead on each arm. Then clip off the ends of the pipe cleaners.

After all the arms are completed, use hot glue to secure 1 paddle wheel bead in the center of each side then 1 faceted bead in the center of the paddle wheel.

use clear fishing line to hang your completed snowflakes.

Also you should check out Pepper Paints site she has a great Xmas gift idea that looks like lots of fun to make!

Day at the Zoo

I was inspired by my friend over at Pepper Paints (is this how all of my blogs are going to start from now on?) to take some B & W pictures in Nov. Out of all the months to pick for a B & W challenge Nov. seems like the worse, especially with all the leaves changing colors. But I did get some fun pictures at the zoo.

Once a month Thomas takes a class at the zoo with his friend Louisa. And while they’re in their class Laura and I walk around with our little people. Since I don’t have my own little person I have to borrow my neighbors little boy, Jaylen.

This is our friend Jaylen:

And our friend Rosalyn:

The penguins are Laura’s favorite animals.

This is the lion that sprayed urine at us. Lucky for us he didn’t really try to hit us; it was a foot or two short. Thomas learned in his class that the lion can spray up to 20 ft. We were only about 5 ft away, so I guess the lion was being nice. He also growled for us later on, or maybe he was coughing up a hairball, we’re not sure.

The elephants were also being more animated than usual. One of them was breaking up a piece of wood and throwing it around.

Funny faces:

and smiles:

Barack Obama is NOT, "the lesser of two evils"

as I hear some people say. He is a great man. Who will do great things. I do not understand what people are looking for in a president. What more can you possibly want? He is not corrupt, he does not cheat on his wife, he is well educated and very intelligent. He has not run a dirty campaign, he has not squandered the money people have donated to him. He cares about the country and all the average people in it. He wants to help us all. And for all of those reasons I am, of course, voting for Barack Obama!