Making apple pie

We are lucky to have an abundance of Grandma’s. First there is my mom and Dan’s mom both of which live within 15 min of our house. We also have G-ma Judy who lives in Seattle. G-ma Judy is actually my sister’s, mother-in-law but she is also my Godmother and one of my mom’s best friends. So it only seems fitting that she would also be one of my kids G-ma’s after all she’s their cousins G-ma so it only makes sense!And yet that was a bit confusing.


We had the very fortunate experience of having G-ma Judy teach us how to make an apple pie; crust and all. First she taught my mom how to make a pie (why does my mom not know how to make pie?) which turned out so good they made another pie and this time we all learned her secrets. Ok, I don’t think there really were any secrets besides how easy it is.

and here’s my Dad playing with Ann:

So Thomas decided that apple pie is now his favorite dessert. Especially when he makes it himself!

I guess I didn’t take any pictures of the finished pie, probably because it didn’t last long. Somehow we managed to eat that whole, huge apple pie in one night. Even Daniel was amazed by how fast it was gone, he wanted a piece the next day and couldn’t believe it when he found the empty pan.