Bedroom makeover

The bedroom is moving right along…

I got everything emptied out of the bedroom and scattered all over my house, then BJ and Thomas very kindly removed all the carpet, and neatly rolled it into small enough rolls that the trash would pick it up. After I removed all the tack strips and staples the painting started. Thank goodness BJ helped me paint the high areas, I had asked Thomas but he refuses to help paint. BJ was a trooper and climbed up onto the rafters and painted my ceiling. That bedroom took a long time to paint and was very difficult due to all the angles!


I then decided to add a plank wall on each end wall, which I would have never finished without my moms help. Thank goodness we both have the construction gene that we inherited from my g-pa who used to build houses. My mom helps me with so many projects, and I never seem to reciprocate.


We also had to remove the railing in preparation for the new wall to be built. It does make the bedroom a bit hazardous, you definitely have to watch your step.

I had hoped to either paint the existing floors or possibly tear up the asbestos tiles and under laminate to expose the original wood subfloor. But neither of those options worked out, so the next cheapest alternative was to use Luanne cut into 8 inch strips and installed similar to how you would lay a real hardwood floor. I’m only 1/2 way done since I had to pause for wall construction, but so far I love how its turning out. I’m going to white wash the floors to keep with the white theme of the bedroom and to prevent it from looking like a sauna.


At this point I really wished I could just keep the room open without adding a wall that was going to cut my room in half. But that was only going to work if I continued to keep our clothes scattered all over the house. And really how long can I keep apologizing to visitors for having my underwear sitting in the living room?

So construction on the wall started… and about this point I thought I was going to have a panic attack. I really didn’t want to tell Dan that the wall I insisted we needed and had committed to paying a contractor for, had to come down because it was chopping up my big open space. So I took many deep breaths and reminded myself over and over of all the space I would have with no clutter.


And then the drywall went up and I felt like I lived in a trailer, I don’t know why it felt like that it just did. Dan was very kind and just said, I know you don’t like the wall but you will in awhile. Which is pretty much how these things always work out. I’ve discovered that I really prefer to have Dan do my construction so I can stop him 400 times during a job and question repeatedly if we’re making the right choices. You can’t do that when you pay someone else to do the work.


The sanding will be finished today, then I need to paint the new walls, finish installing the floors, then white wash and seal them. Install some trim, add the shelves, hanging rods and lights to the closet. Paint and reinstall the railing. Finish redoing all the furniture that I’m doing for the bedroom, because I’m sure most people in the midst of redoing a room also paint and reupholster all the furniture that they want to put in the room. And then finally install my new turquoise curtains (the only color in the all white room) and decorate. I’ll post the next blog with the final bedroom reveal. My goal is to have all that done by the time we leave for our camping trip next Thurs. So I have 1 week, except not really since I won’t really start the work until Dan leaves again for FL on Sunday. So I’ll have 4 days! Man I hope my mom is planning on coming over to help!

The never-ending list (in my head)

Maybe this post should be titled “My out of control compulsion with starting new projects before any project is ever completed!”

Lets go through the list of unfinished projects:

The other house: tile, electric, exterior painting and some finish items

Front porch and house siding (waiting on money that will be available once the other house is finished and can be financed)

Front walkway: cut bricks around edges and landscape

side walkway to shed that I had the boys dig up but I never finished

The interior of our house (its only been 2 years now since I painted) trim around windows and doors and base molding

Hmm that’s quite an impressive list. I think this is a sickness the inability to actually finish a project!

So what do I have planned for the near future, well it seems over the next month Dan has 3 trips planned, NY for salmon fishing, FL for business, then FL again for some other charter fishing trip. Which creates 2 scenarios, first any of the jobs that need his attention or I need his help for can not be finished. Second I am able to start a new project without coming under his wrath! And there has been one project hanging over my head for a few years that has hit its breaking point.


It is disgusting, embarrassing, stressful, gross, dirty and about 100 other negative adjectives. We redid it about about 15 years ago, tearing down all the walls and the ceiling, to make the whole upstairs 1 big bedroom. We painted it purple and put in purple carpet. As you can imagine 15 or so years later I am really tired of purple. And the carpet is just dirty and gross. Plus tearing down all those walls eliminated any little alcove that could have been used for a closet. The clutter of Dan’s clothes being EVERWHERE (and I do mean everywhere, it’s like sharing a bedroom with a super messy teenage girl) and all the other crap (fishing lures, tools, office stuff…) that gets dumped up there is just too much!

Here are a few of my dream rooms, you’ll notice how light and airy and empty they are.

Day 9 – Clean Bedroom, Better Sleep 5 Calming Bedroom Design Ideas. I love the colors and that mirror. Bedroom Design. Soothing bedroom color palette. Paint Color is Farrow & Ball Cornforth White 228. Finish is Estate Emulsion. #Bedroom #ColorPalette #GrayBedroom love!!

in contrast to my actual bedroom… (I did not clean anything up for these pics, obviously. This is really how my bedroom looks all the time.)


But no more, once Dan leaves at 5am Fri morning for NY I will be emptying out that pigsty of a bedroom, tearing up the carpet, and starting to paint. I have also talked to our contractors about coming in and building a wall (wait didn’t we tear those all down?) so that I can have a proper closet to hide all the clothes.Still waiting to hear on that estimate, normally Dan would do all our building but he’s a little too busy fishing to do such mundane work.

I will be doing another blog after this weekend to update on my progress, in the meantime don’t expect any fun girly get-togethers this weekend, I’ve got way to much work to do for any of that.

House renovation

So where are we with the renovation? We decided to take a break over the holidays and instead we made lots of owls. We also pondered where to go next. We gathered up some numbers for drywall guys, we made a mental note to order more foam to finish up the insulation, we continually talked about taking care of the finishing touches on the electric and duct work.

We replaced the vertical window in the dining room with a higher horizontal window.



We also replaced the sliding glass door upstairs and built a little roof over it.


We also decided that we really need to lift all the hard wood floors and lay a subfloor then relay the hardwood floor. Its just way to noisy in the basement with only having the 1 layer of flooring in-between the 2 levels. One more thing that has to be done before we can drywall.

We missed our deadline of having this phase done by our New Years Eve party, but the longer we live with the construction the more we solidify our ideas of how we want it to turn out. Some of our plans from when we started have changed. Turns out living in a space with no walls is kind of annoying. So we’ll be adding some French doors to divide the living room and dining room. And I’m seriously considering getting rid of the office all together and instead having this room…

Pinned Image

It feels so much more relaxing than the clutter of a home office. Even though I’m always drawn to this shabby chic look, Dan and Thomas have pointed out that I would not be able to stand this amount of clutter either. I think I can.

The kids bedrooms

Phew 4 very long days and we are finally done with those bedrooms. That was a lot of work to come home from vacation for. But everything is sorted and put away and the kids are happy in their new rooms.

For Thomas’ room I found 1 gallon of a mistinted grey ($5.00) and a quart of mistinted green ($3.00) at Lowes, which made the cost for his room only $8. We already had the dark green that we used on the trim and on the bookshelf.

Thomas was needing a shelf to store some of his favorite collections on and wouldn’t you know I was walking home from the post-office when I found that green book shelf being thrown away. It was painted yellow so I did a quick sanding and rolled it with 1 coat of green paint. Voila, new storage shelf.


Bethy didn’t have room to take the red looking (but actually dark pink) chair that folds our to a bed. So it was left behind in Thomas’ room. It’s great for sleepovers so Thomas was happy to keep it. He also took a few of her storage containers (hanging in the closet) that she longer had room for. Thomas has all of his clothes hanging up or in those 2 small bins on the floor. He does not like to have too many clothes lying around.


For Beth’s room I also found some mistints. There were 2 gallons of white paint marked as mistints, one can had been dropped and had a big dent so it couldn’t be shaken it was being sold for $10, the other was a white base that still needed to be tinted so I picked the color for my mistint (it was only $5 but the can wasn’t quite full.) I chose what I thought was purple/gray, but looks more like periwinkle. I also bought a gallon of cement floor paint to paint the floor and Oxiclean masonry cleaner (the most non-toxic cleaner I could find.) The floor paint was $25 and the Oxiclean $12. So Beth’s grand total was $52, not too bad!


The floor is looking a little chipped since the big move in. We’re going to paint a second coat on all the exposed floor space (meaning we’re not moving any furniture) then when it dries we’ll wax the floor with bowling alley wax. That should keep it shiny and protected.


That Black cabinet was the culprit in Beth’s huge cut on her leg. When Thomas took it down he left one screw in the back so when Beth walked past it, ouch!


Beth’s scarves have found a new home on the duct work.


Now its time to get the yard all pretty for our party on Friday!

More rooms on the move

We are home for just 2 weeks between our North Carolina trip and our trip to Seattle. And since Dan does still have a job he will be busy working, thus no work will be done on the major renovation. But that doesn’t mean a minor renovation can’t take place.

During Beth’s last trip abroad it occurred to me that maybe it was time for her to give up the big bedroom that is sitting empty for such long stretches and finally let Thomas have the choice bedroom. Being the youngest he has never had the pick of bedrooms. Since he’s the only child still living here full time it only seems fair that the (slightly) bigger bedroom should be his. Surprisingly Beth agreed to this.

So while I have her home for these 2 weeks we are hard at work tearing up the last of the carpet, spackling and painting walls and the cement floor, and completely swapping the 2 bedrooms. I am about at my wits end with the mess my house is in. I only have 9 days to get it all cleaned up before our big 4th of July party, so no time to rest!

It didn’t seem all that long ago that we redid Beth’s bedroom, but it has been almost 2 years. Look how clean and pretty it was. I blogged about the transformation here:


Oh my her hair was short! This was just before our 1st trip to New York. The NY agents had no idea what to do with such layered short hair so they just left it be and grow it did.


It had been a bit longer since we had redone the other bedroom. It was done in June 2008 for Daniel to move into. 3 years may be a record for a bedroom in this house. I still love the glossy black trim and built in shelves so those stayed put for this make over. but the wall color changed and the nasty carpet had to be torn up. Since we have plans on completely redoing the basement once Thomas moves out I didn’t want to spend any more money than necessary on this redo. Thus we went with just painting the cement floor. It looks clean and that was my ultimate goal. I’ve been warned that the paint will probably not last but that’s OK, in 5 or so years it will all be redone yet again.


We’re hard at work on the rooms, the day after we got home from North Carolina Thomas completely emptied his bedroom. In 3 days we managed to finish it up and get Beth moved in. Today we start on Thomas’ new room. I’m hopeful that we will get it all painted today and start moving him in tomorrow. Thankfully we don’t have to do anything with the floors since they were done last time. It will be really nice to get all his bedroom clutter out of the rest of the house! He plans on getting rid of a lot of his things, “anything that hasn’t been used in 6 months is gone.” That’s a good plan, we’ll see how he does with that. As soon as we’re done I’ll post pictures.