The end of an Era

It is a sad, sad time in the little town where I live. The local Caribou coffee shop is closing it’s doors. A neighboring restaurant is taking over the space. I’ve spent so many hours of my life in that homey little shop. Not only did I love the coffee but that has been a meeting spot for friends and family.

Back in 2005 after finishing massage school I spent every morning for weeks (maybe months, it seemed like forever) over there studying for my State Boards. I would meet my friend Paulita and she would work on writing her novel while I studied human anatomy. I think a lot of time was also spent talking but we really tried to stay on task. She also laments the loss of this landmark in her blog.

When my Aunt was still living in town, my mom, Aunt and I would meet on Friday nights to play Mahjongg on one of the big tables.

For years my mom and I would meet for coffee on Sunday mornings. Eventually my dad started joining us and sometimes Dan or Paulita would also stop by. It was a nice way to spend a few hours on a Sunday morning.

There are a few other coffee shops within walking distance, and I guess until May we will have to try them out. But in May down just 2 doors from Caribou, will be a new coffee shop opened up by one of our favorite Caribou barista’s. The Grandview Grind will hopefully be our new hangout. It will be much smaller than what we’re used to. All of the Caribou regulars are already heading over to claim their seats (even bringing their own coffee to sip on while the shop is still just an idea on paper.) Paulita thinks I need to show some of my art work in the new space so maybe I will bring over some of my stained glass windows and see if they are worthy.

I’m excited about supporting a local small business instead of a chain. I think this will turn out to be a good thing. I just hope I still get my .50 off for bringing my own cup!