Beth’s Milan round-up

We got home from Europe last week and it has taken me since then to recover and get back into my groove. We had a great time but it was so much more work than we expected and it was much more emotionally draining than I would have ever thought.

But Beth did GREAT and had a fabulous time.

Here is a recap of the 4 shows she did in Milan:

Her first show was in Haute, this was before I got to Milan.

Haute close upHaute look 2

Then the AMAZING happened, at the very last minute she was confirmed for Prada. I literally mean the VERY last minute, she actually had to skip the finale for the Haute show so she could be rushed by Vespa to the Prada show just 20 minutes before it was scheduled to start. I also missed seeing her in this show, I even missed the live feed since that’s when my plane was boarding for my flight to Milan.

Prada 4Prada close up

The red shoe/ boot is Beth’s. It looks like a sock and shoe but it’s actually all one piece. It took her 20 min to squeeze her foot into it but she was not going to give up.

Prada shoes

The next day was the Marni show and I was finally in Milan to watch her. It was so exciting to be there with her.

Marni 3

Marni shoes 2

Her last show in Milan was C’N’C’ Costume National. At least I think this was her last show, honestly at this point I can’t remember being at this show and its not on my schedules.

CNC Costume National

and here’s one last shot in Milan of Beth and AJ (taken on an iPhone with a cool photo app)

AJ & Beth

After all the fun in Milan we flew over to Paris for 9 days of craziness….