College acceptances

DSC01365 Beth just received her first college acceptance and it was from the school that she really wants to go: Kent State. She has gone a couple times to check out the campus and specifically their fashion design program. She likes the size of the school (not as big as OSU but not as small as a high school.) She LOVES the dorms! And the fashion design classes are all in their own new fashion building along with the fashion museum and fashion library. It is a lovely open building with lots of windows and a view of the woods that surround the campus. Plus there is a Starbucks right across the street. What more could you ask for. Well in your junior year you have the opportunity to study abroad in both Florence Italy and New York, that would make for a pretty awesome junior year. Plus after our last visit when Beth was asked what she likes about the school she said, “it just feels right” and isn’t that what its all about? Finding the school that just feels right.

She still is working on applications for Columbus College of Art and Design, Parsons School of Design (in NY) and Capital University (they don’t have a fashion program, but they do have art education.)

Now that she has received her first acceptance message (it wasn’t actually a letter, they called and left a message on the answering machine) I don’t know how motivated she will be to finish the other applications. I will encourage her to get them done, you never know how financial aid will play into the equation and options are always a good thing. But finishing the art portfolio that is required for CCAD & Parsons is a daunting task!

Here a few snapshots of the classrooms, atrium and view from the fashion building. These pictures make me want to go to school here.

Freshman workroom Sewing & construction studio student area view 2nd illustration studio 2 2nd sewing & construction studio atrium 2 atrium 3

The atrium connects the classrooms to the fashion museum.

atrium roof

This machine looks like a lot of fun to use.

digital embroidery machine

Moments that make you proud

I don’t think that I’ve done anything especially amazing with my kids, we’ve been pretty satisfied with mediocrity. I’m not trying to create Nobel Prize winners. I do expect my children to be caring and compassionate and to be concerned about all people not just the people that look like them or live in their community. I also never wanted my kids to act like they had a sense of entitlement to material goods. Happiness most definitely, respect as long as they’re also showing respect. But material items are not something they are entitled to.

When Daniel first got his license my parents had a very used car that they no longer needed and that didn’t have enough value to make it worth a trade in. They wanted to give it to Daniel. I had an objection with that, not with him having a car to use. That actually was quite helpful and much appreciated. But him actually being given a car was not ok. So the car was given to me (since I am the one paying for the licensing, insurance and maintenance but not gas, that is the responsibility of the person driving the car.) and I at my discretion let Daniel use it. There weren’t strings attached to the car; with the exception of the time he received 2 tickets very close together and when the thank you cards for his graduation party were not being completed in a timely manner. It wasn’t about me dangling the car in front of him requiring perfect grades it was more about the idea that at 17 he is not entitled to be given a car.

So when my kids score just OK scores on their ACT’s I understand that I didn’t push them to be perfect, when they are satisfied applying to just a few colleges and not interested in applying to any Ivy league school, I just let it go. But every now and then they say something that makes me think, yes I really did do something right.

Daniel was lamenting how annoying it is that college students complain about having to work while in college. While I never wanted him to have to work much while in school I did expect that he would have to cover his own spending money. This year he needed to add an on-campus work study job at a library M-F, while he is still working at COSI on Saturdays and Wed evenings. So he is working A LOT in my opinion but he really likes his jobs and he seems to be managing his time well. I’m very happy that he has a good work ethic and that he finds enjoyment in his jobs. I am proud of him for supplementing his COSI job with the work study job when he knew COSI would not cover his living expenses.

I was also very happy when he complained about all the college kids that only want to get drunk on the weekends. He did more than his share of partying last year and I was worried that was going to be a regular part of his college years. So it was very reassuring when he complained about his friends and said that while he does like to occasionally get drunk he also likes to do other things.  See I don’t expect perfection from my kids.

First day of classes at OSU

Not being able to talk to my child every day is driving me crazy. I’m dying to know more details than the few texts or 30 second conversations are giving me. I want to know what he did yesterday at the Community Commitment Day, or if he remembered to go to his first scholars meeting yesterday afternoon. I did talk to him for a second last night and he told me he was eating hot dogs at the synagogue. Hmm… Kosher hot dogs? Yes, and they were free. Which explains why he was at a synagogue.

Since I still get copies of his OSU emails I now know which groups he signed up for at the involvement fair: Ultimate Frisbee (which he loves to play,) Racquetball (which he’s never played before but I could see him liking,) haven’t received anything from the skydiving group yet, and there was an email from a  Christian group that had a picture of sailing on the top of the page but no mention of sailing in the email. I remembered that he said he signed up for  a sailing group, hmm was it really a Christian group disguised as a sailing group or has Daniel found religion? I doubt it was the later of the two. 🙂

Today is the first day of classes; he loves that his first class is never before 11:30am.

Today’s schedule is:

11:30-12:18 Chemistry 121, lecture

2:30-3:18 Math 150, lecture

Thursday is a little more intense:

11:30-2:18 Chemistry 121, lab

2:30-3:18 Math 150, recitation

3:30-5:18 Engineer 181.02, lab

There is no time to eat on Thursdays, until he’s done with classes. But a full day of labs is way better than a full day of lectures!

Fridays schedule:

11:30-12:18 Chemistry 121, lecture

12:30-1:18 Engineer 100.12, lecture

2:30-3:18 Math 150, lecture

3:30-4:18 Engineer 181.02, lecture

(Monday and Tuesday are the same as Wed. and Friday)

That works out to 14 credit hours, plus lots of homework. So hopefully, the partying will end and the studying will start!

OSU’s Cummunity Commitment Day

This is what Daniel is up to today:

From 8:30-2:30 OSU students are involved in Community Commitment Day:

Come learn what being a Buckeye is all about making a difference in the Columbus community and making new friends through Community Commitment! Students have the opportunity to participate in one of the largest single-day community service projects on a college campus and join in the great tradition of service at Ohio State. Registration begins at the Wexner Center Plaza at 8:30am. After receiving a free t-shirt and hearing an inspiring message, students are transported to a local agency where they perform various community service activities. This year community commitment will focus on issues of child access to education and poverty alleviation through partnerships with the “Know How to Go” Campaign and the Buckeye Book Community. First year students who attend will receive Success Series credit for their survey class.

I did talk to Daniel last night and he is having a good time (to good of a time maybe) living on campus. He has discovered frat parties and it sounds like he has been to one almost every night. He’s getting along well with his 2 room mates and he’s thoroughly enjoying sharing a floor with all the engineering guys on his side and especially all the cheerleaders on the other side. He met a friend of Beth’s that’s a cheerleader and living in the same building. He has promised to bring her home for dinner sometime soon, so we may get to see him before Thanksgiving.

Classes start tomorrow so I hope all this preclass partying dies down and he gets serious about studying soon!

Yesterday Daniel participated in the Presidents picnic & Convocation at the horseshoe (in the rain) then walked around the Student Involvement Fair:

If you ever thought about, considered, or NEVER considered getting involved at Ohio State then the Student Involvement Fair is an absolute must! There will be more than 500 student organizations, clubs, community service agencies, campus offices, and local and national businesses to show you what there is to do at Ohio State when you’re not in class. The Student Involvement Fair will feature loads of giveaways, music and entertainment, and hundreds of displays and exhibitions as well allowing you the opportunity to learn more about what Ohio State has to offer you! This is an event you do not want to miss!

He rattled off a list of clubs that he signed up for but the only one that stuck in my memory is the the skydiving club. He didn’t find the booth for the 1 engineering group he actually wanted to sign up for, Baja club where they build and race dune buggies. But there is a separate interest fair next month just for engineering clubs. He regrets not walking down the fraternity/ sorority row, apparently they were passing out fliers to all the parties around campus. Luckily one of the other guys on his floor got the flier. Phew that was a close call. 🙂

More pics from move-in day:

Dan resting after the big move, Daniel pondering his room.

Daniel and 1 of his room mates, Ryan.

study room on Daniel’s floor

common room on the main floor of the building.

The kitchen area off the common room.

What’s Daniel up to??

I’ve had some questions about what Daniel is doing since he moved onto campus a few days before the 5,000 other students. Daniel signed up to be an OWL (Ohio State Welcome Leader) so he gets to move in early then on the official move in day (Sunday) he helps other students move in. But what’s he doing on that big empty campus?

Well he’s probably playing on his computer and wondering why I’m telling everyone his schedule.

Here’s a breakdown of his day today:

Friday, September 18TH




2:00-4:00 PM: BUCKEYE HUNT



So it looks like he’ll have a fun filled day. Now if he only has some free time I could bring him that TP that we forgot and his stereo, which he seems to be more concerned about than the TP.

Here are the crates that Daniel gets to move on Sunday, of course then they’ll be full!

and here is a video of Daniel’s room