Sweet little girls

Bethy is such a sweet cousin. For two weeks she had Isabella by her side nonstop. They cooked with the easy bake oven (45 minutes for 1 cookie.)


Then had tea parties with their treats…


and they played at the park down by the lake…


They played lots of games, this time with Drea and Isa. They also spent many hours playing Guitar Hero after Daniel fixed the Wii.


Everyone loves playing with Beth.


Buried in the sand

I’m not sure why this is such a common beach activity, being buried in the sand. Personally I would hate it, but all the kids seem to love being buried. They beg each other to bury them and they even bury themselves. They dig really deep holes so they are actually vertical and not just laying flat in the sand. They bury themselves close to the water so when the tide comes in they have to fight to get out. They never want help escaping from their entombment preferring the challenge of getting out all alone. They bury themselves in the heat of the day so we have to put a hat on them to avoid sunburn. Sometimes they use their sandy hole to avoid getting too much sun, like Beth did on the first day to prevent even a little bit of a tan.

Here are Jordan and Emmy enjoying all the attention from their older cousins:

IMG_1261 IMG_1265

The girls weren’t so comfortable being buried together so Emmy had to do it again all by herself.


Nina’s turn:

IMG_1608 IMG_1614

Next came Mark, notice the lovely lady figure his cousins gave him in the sand. Mark positioned himself in his hole sitting on his hands (no one knows why) it made his escape even that much more difficult.

IMG_1636 IMG_1641

Daniel lucked out with a muscular caricature and 6 pack abs. When you’re buried you never know what type of body your cousins will give you.



More proof of that new sibling bond, a head massage. I did have to tell her you weren’t suppose to injure a person during a massage, a light rubbing will do.