Fishing, fishing and more fishing

Every year some grouping of men and (sometimes) kids go on a charter fishing trip during our family vacation. It often has mixed reviews. Sometimes the weather doesn’t cooperate, other times no fish are biting. But this time everything was perfect. Dan, his brother Ron, brother-in-law Mike and Dad all went out on the boat and it was a perfect day of catching lots of big fish.

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Here’s Ron bringing in the huge 35 pound Amberjack (the fastest fish in the ocean, according to Dan.) It took him about 40 minutes to get it reeled in. He started tiring out (Ron not the fish) and wanted to pass the pole off to Dan, but according to fishing rules once you start reeling it in you have to see it through. Work through the burn Ron!


Mike caught a King Mackerel, 15 pounds


Ron, Dan and the Amberjack: (I made a fishing faux paux that is sure to bring bad luck to my hubby fisherman, I showed a picture of Dan holding Ron’s giant fish, big No-No! So that picture has been replaced with a picture of Ron holding theAmberjack and his dad cheering him on:


Dan’s holding 4 Spanish Mackerel, they were about 5 pounds each, which is pretty big for that fish. I’m not sure what his Dad is holding in the picture.


What a strange looking shark, its a Mako shark


A smaller Spanish Mackerel caught in the surf, catching a Mackerel in the surf is pretty exciting even if it is smaller than the ones caught off the boat.


Thomas fishing in the surf


Dan cast netting, that’s how they catch some of their bait. They usually get little minnows from cast netting.


The cast net is trickier than it looks.



That’s a pretty big sand shark Dan caught in the surf, right where all the kids are playing! They catch more sharks than anything fishing in the surf. Which is why I don’t go in the water very often.

IMG_1477  IMG_1532 IMG_1708 IMG_1719

Little flounders caught in the surf, not enough meat to eat them so throw them back!


Jordan was sure there was a fish on so she reeled in the line. No fish…


So mommy has to cast it back out

IMG_1766  IMG_1827

Dan loves to fish, he would spend every day fishing if he could and when we’re at the beach he does.

Another father/ son adventure

Sunday afternoon, it’s a beautiful day almost 80 degrees outside, the perfect day for a father/ son fishing trip. Well it was until Dan cast his line and hooked Thomas’ head. Then maybe it was instinct, or maybe Thomas had been on his nerves but Dan not only hooked him he then set the line. That’s the little tug you do to make sure the hook has really caught the fish or in this case Thomas’ skull. Yeah, he hooked it good, the barbed hook went all the way through poor Thomas’ flesh. Dan’s just that good of a fisherman!

Dan very kindly cut the line so Thomas didn’t have to go for help while still attached to the pole. He did, however, have to walk back to the truck with the lure solidly attached to his head. Not just any lure either a lure that rattles as it moves, to attract fish. After a bit of walking Thomas was getting pretty woozy and said he couldn’t feel his legs and he just couldn’t walk anymore so down he went. Laying down on the ground, on his belly of course.

They finally made it to the truck and Dan drove him to the closest firehouse so the firemen could work their magic and get the hook out of his head. Which they did and then they cleaned the area (because really how clean can the hook have been?)

A little Jeni’s ice cream after they got home and Thomas was as good as new, with an awesome story to boot. Dan was a little upset that the fish had just started biting when they had to cut their trip short. I guess Thomas should be happy he didn’t have to keep fishing with the lure attached to his head. Hmm this reminds me of the time Dan continued to fish after Daniel had been stung by the bee and went into anaphylactic shock and had to be rushed to the ER. In Dan’s defense as soon as he realized Daniel’s throat was swelling he did quit fishing. Who says fishing isn’t dangerous?


imagejpeg_2 (4)_thumb

first charter fishing trip of the trip

Some of the guys in this family are die-hard fisherman; Dan, his BIL Mike and his son Joey. Then there are the occasional fisherman BIL John, Dan’s dad Joe, Thomas, all of John & Jenny’s girls; Madalyn, Emily and Jordan. They all do a lot of surf fishing every day. And usually some grouping of them also do one charter fishing trip each year. This year Dan is going on two charter trips with different groups each trip.

Today was the first trip with Dan, Thomas, John and Maddy.  Maddy is a year younger than Thomas but just as much of a fisher-person as he is. They all had to get up at 4:30am for today’s trip. It was supposed to be an all day trip but there was a miscommunication with the captain so instead it turned into a half day trip and they were home by 1:00pm instead of 4:30pm. They were fishing for Red Drum and there was a 5 fish limit for the boat, they ended up coming home with 4 of the 5 fish they were allowed to catch.

Dan caught his fish right away but it was 30 inches long which put it just past the size restriction. Meaning it was 3 inches too long so he had to throw it back. The rest of the fish they caught were under the length restrictions and ok to keep. The kids are always excited to bring their fish home and eat them up. Today’s trip made for a nice lunch time snack. Or a very expensive lunch time snack depending on how you think about it.


John and Maddy reeling in a big one!


Maddy & Thomas showing off their catches.


Here’s Thomas reeling in his,


It’s hard work reeling in those big ocean fish!


Here’s Thomas with his red drum, what a pretty fish!


Everyone had a good time but they were glad to get back to the house so they could play at the beach!


Outdoor performances at the park

There is just something about packing a picnic dinner, laying out a blanket and watching an outdoor performance at dusk that says summer is here. We try to go every summer to Schiller Park for one of the Actors’ Theatre of Columbus, free outdoor performances. They do 3 summer performances; this year the shows are treasure Island, Much Ado About Nothing and Dark of the Moon.

This past Fri evening we went to see Treasure island, our first non-Shakespeare performance at the park. The kids all said they enjoyed it, Beth liked it even more than the Shakespeare ones. If the summer doesn’t get away from us we’ll head back next month to see Much Ado About Nothing.

But before the show started there was time for some fishing at the pond. Dan loves teaching little kids how to fish…


and sometimes they even catch something.


Chloe was very intent on the fishing and was more than happy to help Ros out with her catch.


The non-fishing kids were playing some kind of strange game on the tennis courts.


After all the playing the boys are ready for the show to start.


Beth just got a new phone and I’m not sure that she quit playing with it through the whole show.


What’s not to love about a show with pirates, sword fighting and very loud gun shots!

IMG_0816 IMG_0818

Dan’s fishing trips

One of the big parts of our trip to Seattle was Dan, Larry (my sis’s hubby) and big Larry’s (Larry’s dad) planned fishing trips. They had a 4 day trip, home a day, then a 3 day trip.

The first trip was to Westport (3 hours away from home) where they had 2 days of fishing for Halibut, Ling Cod and Rock bass. Both Dan & Larry caught their limits and got to keep fishing to catch the boats limit.

P5110032 P5110034

P5110035 P5110039 P5120051

On the way there they also had to battle the Fat Smitty. Little Toe (Little Larry) and Dan killed the Smitty while Big Toe (Larry’s dad who the rest of us call Big Larry but Dan for some reason has taken to calling Big Toe) couldn’t quite finish his.

For those that don’t know the Smitty is a monster hamburger and Fat Smitty’s restaurant is apparently a travel destination for people all over the country.


The second trip was to Neah Bay (6 hours away from home) where they had 1 long day of fishing for Halibut & Ling Cod. They were up at 2:30am, at the docks by 3, then they steam out for about 3 hours to get to where they’ll fish, a day of fishing, 3 hours back to shore, then back to the cabin at 8pm.

This was the trip where Dan caught the biggest fish that he’s ever caught, a 50# Halibut! While he was excited about the halibut they enjoyed fishing for the ling cod even more. In Dan’s words they’re easier to hook up with and they fight like mad while the halibut takes more skill to hook and comes up like a brick (whatever that means.)

P5140070 P5140076 P5150081 P5150093 P5150095 P5150096 P5150109

They’re already planning next years trip; fishing for tuna which is further out and a 2 day trip spending the night on the boat. I love rare cooked tuna so I’m really looking forward to this!