Everyone loves water parks

After our fun at COSI we all walked across the bridge to the waterpark at the Scioto Mile. It has been a ridiculously hot spring, which is hard for these Seattleites to take considering it’s only 60 degrees out west.



So contemplative


and Zen-like



Even the big kids got in on the fun. BJ said he didn’t plan on getting wet, but how can you resist?


Thomas was running towards me being silly, this really nails his essence, I think.


It’s even more fun when the BIG sprinklers come one…



So mistyIMG_7808

What a great day with friends and cousins.


Even G-ma and G-pa came along, it’s like they’re homeschooling parents now that they’re taking care of my niece and nephew while my sister is working on getting her house sold.



Impromptu Halloween Party

As a friend so wisely said, “if you have two more families getting together than it’s a party.” And that’s what happened on Halloween night, one family asked if they could come by to trick or treat since they had missed their neighborhoods trick or treat night (the only advantage to having trick or treat on multiple nights around the city.) Then an email went out inviting others and the kids talked to their friends and before you know it 9 families, a few college kids, the neighbors and some extra kids thrown in just for fun descended on our house for a Halloween/ Trick or Treating party.

Most of the adults stayed at the house eating, drinking and having our own fun, while the kids were out gathering candy!


Here are a few of our friends in their costumes, heading out…



Even Ann got to go along, but Dan forgot to bring a bag for doggie doo doo, so I got an emergency call to bring a bag a few blocks over.


Here’s Dan already pilfering the kids candy. A few of the dads did go trick or treat with the kids, Dan went along to help direct everyone around the neighborhood. He may have not been the best choice for that job considering how long it took us to find him when we tried to bring a few late comers to the group. After 15 years of living here you’d think he would know the difference between the streets surrounding our house.


Here’s the group of teens off carousing the streets. While Beth is claiming to be dressed up like super-model Twiggy (she doesn’t really know who that is) and Karen is dressed in a 50’s ensemble the rest of the kids went for the ever popular look of American teenager.


Here’s our little Ros as a chicken.


Black and white was the theme of the night.


Finally trick or treating is done and now the very important candy sorting and swapping begins.



Daniel and some of his friends even came by for the festivities. They pretty much grabbed some food and spent the rest of the evening around the camp fire. But we always like when he comes home to visit.


and here’s Dan again looking for hand outs.


Fun at the Pumpkin Patch


Last week we went with a group of friends to Circle S Pumpkin Patch. These field-trips are always more fun with friends! One more advantage to homeschooling the pumpkin patch was not crowded and it was less expensive to go as a group than to go on the weekends as a family. For $6.50 we got to play at the farm, a doughnut, apple cider (umm it really wasn’t apple cider more like cheap apple juice) a hay ride and a pumpkin. Not a bad deal.

IMG_4755 IMG_4760

Why does Thomas pick on his friend?


No one was throwing any hay around until Laura got there with her clan, then all heck broke loose. Hay was flying every direction.


IMG_4783 IMG_4794 IMG_4796

Next we were off on a hay ride to pick out our pumpkins. There were 3 stories of acquaintances that had died from falling off hay rides, who would have thought a hayride could be so dangerous.


Thomas was determined to find the biggest pumpkin at the farm, so off he went far, far away.


Beth didn’t feel the need to wander nearly as far. Besides all the pumpkins really were the same size.


There’s Thomas still searching…


Heading back with our pumpkinsIMG_4916

Art program at the Riffe Gallery

Columbus has so many art opportunities, one of the free ones we always try to take advantage of is the occasional Sunday program downtown at the Riffe Gallery. About every 2 months when they get a new exhibit they offer a free family art program. This program was for the photography show called Deep Space (which much to Laura’s disappointment didn’t have anything to do with outer space.) It did however have to do with spatial effects, we were inspired by the photographs and the advice of one of the artists to create collages that were supposed to show depth through layering.

IMG_3962 IMG_3963


Beth decided not to follow the rules on her first piece and just did a story collage using any pictures that spoke to her or were questionably appropriate. (why is that always the case with my kids?)


A little chocolate snack to keep the creative juices flowing.


You can’t create without making a mess. We must have been the most creative group there because we were definitely the messiest!


Beth with both of her collages, the one on the left is her second creation and her first attempt at following the suggested guidelines, while it didn’t use layering to create depth she did create a person using pieces that weren’t just body parts. The one on the right is a hodgepodge of what’s in Bethany’s mind.


Ros LOVED all the cat magazines that were offered, so both of her collages were of all the great cat pictures she could find. Then she got to take home as many cat magazines as she wanted, double bonus!


Here’s Thomas with his picture of a black hole sucking in the universe and ET (and a pot leaf, really I don’t know what is wrong with my kids.) I think the fact that the program was called Deep Space subliminally affected the kids; Louisa, Thomas and Matt all worked on pictures of outer space.


And here is my collage, I also didn’t follow the rules. I just put together pictures that I liked based around an art theme. In my mind it does tell a story but it just seems to lengthy to type out.


When you’re given snow….

……..build an igloo! We got several inches of snow and now that the temperatures have dropped to the single digits the snow has frozen into chunks of icey snow. So Thomas, Victoria and Louisa chiseled out large chunks and set to work building an igloo. We’re supposed to get another several inches of snow tonight so the igloo, or wall anyways, should last for awhile.