A Day in Cleveland

On Friday we left the house at 6am to meet up with some friends and drive 2 hours north to spend the day in Cleveland.

Our first stop was The Playhouse Theatre to see Red, a Tony award winning Broadway Play about the artist Mark Rothko. This show was amazing! If you have a chance to see it, I highly recommend it. It is pretty intense and there is some bad language, it is meant for older kids and adults. Besides the show being completely amazing two other things I took away from this were always go early for the preshow talk, it gave so much more insight to the production and really helped the kids (and myself) better understand what was happening. And always stay after for the talk with the performers. It’s so interesting to see what they have to say about their experience doing the show.


Next stop was lunch, we thought we would eat at the Westside Market, but instead we just picked up dessert. As Thomas said it was all meat, cheese and pastries…It did remind me of a cross between the North Market in Columbus and Pike Place Market in Seattle, not quite the same as either of them but the same cool market vibe.


After buying our desserts we headed back to a little Mexican place, Ohio City Burrito, we had passed on our walk to the market.



After lunch we spent the rest of our day at The Great Lakes Science Center. Since the kids volunteer at COSI they spend a lot of time at the Columbus science museum, it’s fun to see other science centers and compare them to COSI.


The kids had fun in the Goosebumps exhibit, learning all about fears. Thomas does not have a fear of falling…


But he does have a fear of clowns.


Thomas and Molly struggled to build the Canterbury Arch. Poor Molly she is just a little too short to reach the top…


Hmm Kristen wasn’t too much help, they definitely needed Thomas’ height to get to the center up. Thomas claims that he can do this by himself at COSI, I’m not sure how that would be possible.


I loved the view of Lake Erie from the museum.


Such a pretty walkway down to the water.


It was a whirlwind day, 14 hours of driving and exploring. We had so much fun on this little road trip. This is what homeschooling is all about. The flexibility to take a day and go explore. I love our homeschooling life!

You can see more about this trip on Kristen’s Blog.

The life of a Homeschooler

Columbus is a great place to homeschool! There is so much to do and see and you can do most of it pretty inexpensively. At the end of last year when Thomas and I did our “year in review” we realized we didn’t see as many shows as we normally do. That was one thing Thomas wanted us to do more of and I think we accomplished that goal.

Just in the past month we have seen:

Bill Blagg’s The Science of Magic at the newly remodeled Lincoln Theatre.

For centuries, magicians have used scientific principles to make people levitate in mid-air and vanish in the blink of an eye. Illusionist Bill Blagg’s one-of-a-kind educational experience takes you on a rare, never-before-seen journey “behind the scenes” of the magic world.


African Adventure: Safari in the Okavango, Documentary, on the big screen at COSI.

Tornado Alley 3D, Documentary‎, on the big screen at COSI.

Dressed, a documentary film at the Wexner Center. This was not only a great film but the designer Nary and the producer were there to answer questions after the show and we even got a free lunch. All for free!

Unfolding against a backdrop of the Fashion Industry in New York, “Dressed” is the inspiring story of young clothing designer, Nary Manivong, who defied the odds amidst a broken childhood, homelessness and the fiercely competitive world of fashion to pursue his ultimate dream – a show of his collection at Fashion Week.

Two of our friends posing with Nary:

Four Score and Seven Years Ago also at the Lincoln Theatre

After escaping slavery in Georgia, life in Gettysburg is everything young Lemuel dreamed it would be. However, his ideas about the North and the South, as well as what it means to be a free man, are challenged when he unexpectedly befriends a young Confederate soldier named Jacob.


Nearly Lear at the Thurber Theatre put on by the Wexner Center. This show was AMAZING! and I think it was free also. The Actor/ writer/ producer, Susanna Hamnett, stuck around after the show to answer questions and chat with the small group of students that were there..

A one-woman version of the Shakespearean play. Actor Susanna Hamnett plays nine characters in this laugh-out-loud retelling, dubbed “a tantalizing introduction to the lifelong pleasures of seeing and reading Shakespeare.” 

Here’s our group of friends before we went in to the show.


Sleeping Beauty, the ballet at the Ohio Theatre. This was the most expensive show we saw but it was still only $10 per person, which is a GREAT deal for a full ballet. It was also senior day at the theatre so all the homeschoolers were seated in front and center surrounded by the seniors. All the other school kids were in balcony. We had great seat!


And on Friday we’re driving up to the Cleveland Play House to see a play about renowned painter Mark Rothko.

In this Tony-winning play, Master American painter Mark Rothko has just landed the biggest commission in the history of modern art. But when his young assistant gains the confidence to challenge him, Rothko faces the possibility that his crowning achievement could also be his undoing. “As much as any stage work I can think of,” Ben Brantley of The New York Times wrote, “Red captures the dynamic relationship between an artist and his creations.”

That is a crazy amount of shows to see in 1 month.