Just a little bit of Ginger…

At the beginning of 2009 I decided to make big changes with the food we eat, the cleaners we use and the products that we put on our bodies; and the rest of the family has had to come along for the ride no matter how much they’ve complained about it. One of my favorite changes has been to quit coloring my hair with chemicals and to use only natural Henna.

In the past 2+ years I have hennaed my hair (with the help of my mom) many, many times. I’ve also slowly brought on some henna converts. My sister 1st hennaed her hair when she was out for a visit and now only uses henna. I also had a group of friends over that were curious about hennaing. A couple were brave and let us henna their hair while the others watched and laughed at the mess we made.

I started with Rainbow Resources henna which I can buy at Whole Foods, it’s convenient and inexpensive, but recent readings about henna have got me wondering if my all natural henna is maybe not so all natural after all. After reading the free eBook How to Henna Hair I’m wondering if there is maybe a better product I should try. I’ve since switched over to Light Mountain Natural Hair Color. I like that it doesn’t make my hair quite as brassy red as it was getting with the Rainbow Resource henna.


Yes, it does smell just as good as it looks, much like a barn.


So that’s what I would look like with dread’s, hmm….


Once you start hennaing you’re kind of committed to it since there could be a reaction with other less natural coloring. I do sometimes miss being blonde but I don’t miss the chemicals, the expense and having to deal with the constant grow out.

***Hmm I just realized I’ve used these pictures before in my post about the first time I henna’d, I guess it has been awhile since my hair was quite that long and I guess I’m due for some new hennaing pics.