Bethany’s shows from NY fashion week

Beth is on her way home home NY, another fashion season has come to a close. She did not continue on to Europe this year. Instead she is taking a mini break at home then heading to LA to explore another modeling market. She is very excited about spending some time in Cali, I am a little nervous about her learning her way around another new city. But that’s the life of a model.

So Beth got to NY on Aug 30, shows started Sept. 8 and she was finally heading home Sept. 18, she was in NY for 20 days. During that time she did 69 castings, 13 fittings, 1 photo-shoot and 7 shows. Modeling is a whirlwind of activity at times.

Here’s a recap of her shows:



United Bamboo

United Bamboo 2


Suno 3

Charlotte Ronson

charlotte-ronson 2

Jeremy Laing

Jeremy Laing look #2Jeremy Laing

Theyskens’ Theory

Theyskens Theory 2

Here’s a close up of her shoes from the Theory show

Theyskens Theory shoes 2

Three as Four

A wrap up of NYFW

Beth ended up doing 11 shows in NY, 4 runway shows and 7 presentations, here’s is the recap.

Thursday 2 shows:

Richard Chai LOVE (runway)

Tim Hamilton (exhibition)

Tim Hamilton 1

Friday 1 show:

Jeremy Laing (presentation)

Jeremy Laing 4.5

Saturday 1 show:

Araks (presentation)


Sunday 3 shows:

Alice Ritter (presentation)

Alice Ritter 5

Cynthia Steffe (runway)

Cynthia Steffe 5

Katie Gallagher (moving presentation)

Katie Gallagher 5

Monday 1 show:

Theyskens’ Theory (runway)

theyskens theory

Tuesday 2 shows:

Karen Walker (runway)

Karen Walker .1

Bodkin (presentation)

Bodkin Fall 2011 Presentation

Wed was her last day with 1 show:

Vacca (presentation)

Vacca 4

The Bodkin Exhibition

This was an exhibition that Beth did back on Tues that I just found the pictures to.

Bodkin Fall 2011 Presentation

I wish I could zoom in on Beth’s shoes, you’ll notice how far her toes are hanging over. But at least they’re not confined.

Bodkin Fall 2011 Presentation

There were a lot of pictures taken at this exhibition, which means you can get caught in some interesting poses. Contrary to how it looks she did not fall asleep while doing this show. She was looking down to make sure she wasn’t too close to the edge. She fell off the blocks a few times at this show before she moved to a bigger platform.

Bodkin Fall 2011 PresentationBodkin Fall 2011 Presentation

I asked Beth if her shirt was supposed to be folded in the front like that and she said it was actually sewn like that. Why? She really wasn’t sure. I keep saying this is like a paid internship (since she eventually wants to be a fashion designer) she is definitely learning a lot about different styles of clothing.


Beth’s in the back peeking through.

Eviana Hartman with models, Bodkin Fall 2011 Presentation

First Looks, Bodkin Fall 2011 Presentation

Beth’s last show in NY, Vacca

They were doing something weird with the shadows or with the makeup, it makes her face look funny in some of the pics. She was also wearing red mascara that she kept on for her flight home. By the time she got to Columbus it had smeared around her eyes and made her look like she was diseased. That may have been why people were staring at her in the airport (she thought it was because she was eating Oreos.)

Vacca 2Vacca 3Vacca 4Vacca 5

Again with the shoes; they were so small they had to cut them so they would fit on her big feet. Then they liked the look without the laces, so you’ll notice in the video all the girls feet were shaking just a little.


You see a quick shot of Beth at the beginning:

No pics of Beth at this site but it gives you a feel for what the show was like

New Models To Watch at NYFW

This article came out on February 9, 2011 but I’m just getting it on to the blog. Follow the link at the bottom of the page to see the other models that are listed along with Bethany.

Casting Agent Natalie Joos: New Models To Watch at NYFW

By Kerry Pieri

  • 113441_1297186599.jpg

    Bethany Terry (Next)

Natalie Joos is one chic albeit fully booked lady – between getting snapped forThe Sartorialist, shooting some sick vintage on girls like Kate Schelter, Elisa Sednaoui, and Margherita Missoni for her blog Tales of Endearment, and casting for mags like Dossier she’s doing her job as one of the industry’s top casting agents. For New York Fashion Week she’s wrangling the pretty ones for Karen Walker, Cynthia Steffe, Wayne, United Bamboo and Kevork Kiledjian.
Natalie weighed in on what to expect this season, "I saw two trends emerging: really beautiful, young, pretty girls and girls with more character with a signature who are really specific – which definitely started to emerge last season. They’re still very tall, they’re models obviously, but they have a particular look. People want to see different, it’s the other end of the spectrum."
Click through for her 29 top faces to keep an eye out for at New York Fashion Week. Who do you think is this season’s Arizona Muse?

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