Daniel’s class schedule

So what classes does a student at OSU in a computer science major take going into his junior year? A bunch of classes that make no sense to me. Well I do know what Tai Chi is, hopefully that helps calm his mind after taking all these other indecipherable classes.

Seriously, when I read these descriptions I still don’t know what these classes cover. I think they made up some of those words!

CSE  321 – Case Studies in Component-Based Software

Case studies using: tree and binary tree components and binary search trees; context-free grammars; tokenizing, parsing, and code generating components; sorting components and sorting algorithms.

CSE  360 – Introduction to Computer Systems

Introduction to computer architecture at the machine language and assembler language level; assembler language programming and lab.

MATH  366 – Discrete Mathematical Structures I

Mathematical formalization and reasoning, logic, and Boolean algebra; sets, functions, relations, recursive definitions, and mathematical induction; and elementary counting principles.

EDUPAES  169.16 – Martial Arts Forms: T’ai Chi Ch’uan

An introduction to T’ai Chi Ch’uan with emphasis on an exploration of body/energy awareness.

Daniel’s first year of college…

…has come to a close. We all survived the transition with just a few bumps and bruises. It was really hard for me when Daniel moved out, even though his college campus is 5 minutes from our house. He wasn’t living here and most of my updates about his life came in the form of tweets or from facebook. I did get to see him briefly on the weekends when he needed a ride to work. Originally our deal was I would do his laundry if he came for dinner on Sunday nights. Somewhere along the way the dinner’s ended but I was still stuck with the laundry (actually Beth was stuck with the laundry since she is the Queen of laundry in our house.)

Daniel went into college with the typical smart kid attitude that he didn’t need to study for his classes. He should have learned his lesson after his first quarters grades but it took him until the 3rd quarter to realize that he really needed to take college seriously. By the 3rd quarter he was taking advantage of open hours with his professors and spending a little more time studying and a little less time partying. OK maybe not any less time partying, I really don’t know about that. I just like to think that there was less time being spent on alcohol! But it’s hard to bring those GPA’s up after they’ve fallen a bit.

Here he is the day we moved him onto campus, he looks so studious.  You can read more about Daniel’s first week of school here, here and here.DSC01011

Here he is with 2 of his good friends Jimmy and John. These are the guys that he’s moving into an apartment with next fall.

Adam, Daniel & Jon

And here he is with his girlfriends Alicia. They met at last years white water rafting summer camp for incoming freshman and have been hanging out together ever since.

Daniel & Alicia 3

Jazz hands!

daniel & jon & hat

Daniel & strange guy

And here he is with his new shorter haircut and slightly gauged ears.


He started out the year leaning towards mechanical engineering but after the second quarter he had changed his mind and has decided to major in computer science engineering. These are the classes he’ll be taking over the next 3-4 years along with their descriptions. (I suspect the only people that will read that are his grandparents and Aunt Shauna)

What exactly is Computer Science Engineering? this is what Wikipedia has to say:

a discipline that combines both electrical and electronic engineering and computer science.[1] Computer engineers usually have training in electronic engineering, software design and hardware-software integration instead of only software engineering or electronic engineering. Computer engineers are involved in many aspects of computing, from the design of individual microprocessors, personal computers, and supercomputers, to circuit design. This field of engineering not only focuses on how computer systems themselves work, but also how they integrate into the larger picture.

Usual tasks involving computer engineers include writing software and firmware for embedded microcontrollers, designing VLSI chips, designing analog sensors, designing mixed signal circuit boards, and designing operating systems. Computer engineers are also suited for robotics research, which relies heavily on using digital systems to control and monitor electrical systems like motors, communications, and sensors.

And how did Daniel do with his grades this first year? Not too bad considering all that partying!

Autumn quarter

CHEM 121, General Chemistry, C
ENGINEER 100.12, Mechanical Engineering Survey, A
ENGINEER 181.02, Intro to Engineering 1, B
MATH 150, Elementary Functions, B-

GPA 2.607 (Autumn quarter)

Winter quarter

CHEM 122, General Chemistry, C-
ENGINEER 183.02, Intro to Engineering II, B+
MATH 151.01, Calculus & Analytical Geometry 1, C-

GPA 2.069 (winter quarter)
2.348 (cumulative)

Spring quarter

EDUPL 259, Independent Learning & Motivation:College, A
MATH 152.01, Calculus & Analytical Geometry 2, C
PSYCH 100, General Psychology, B

GPA 3.000(spring quarter)
2.580 (cumulative)

and here’s what he’ll be taking in the fall:

BIOLOGY 113, Energy Transfer & Dvl
CSE 201, Elementary Computer Programming
ENGLISH 110.02, First-Yr English Comp
MATH 153.01, Calculus & Analytical Geometry 3

and just in case you’re not sure how the grade scale breaks down anymore, here it is:

3.8-4.0, A (superior achievement)

3.5-3.7, A-

3.2-3.4, B+

2.9-3.1, B (above average achievement)

2.6-2.8, B-

2.3-2.5, C+

2.0-2.2, C (average achievement)

1.6-1.9, C-

We’re very proud of what he’s accomplished so far and are excited to see what will come from all of this in the future!

Engineering students and Halloween

IMG_3262Every year for Trick or Treating we go to my mom’s house and walk around her neighborhood for our candy collection. Since Columbus doesn’t understand that trick or treating is supposed to happen on Halloween we often get to double dip and go one night in Hilliard and another night in our neighborhood in Columbus. This year we had all the regulars players; Dan, Beth, Thomas, my mom & dad; we also had an unexpected visit from Daniel. He came home from OSU with 3 friends so they could stock up on candy to get them through midterms. It was nice seeing him and meeting some of his friends. They seemed like great kids that had no problem putting on a costume and trekking through the neighborhood. A positive difference between Columbus and the rest of the country, people don’t seem to mind when older kids trick or treat as long as they’re polite and wearing a costume. My kids have always trick or treated and no one has ever said anything about them being too old.

So after the allotted 2 hours of candy gathering (another difference from the rest of the country, the time is highly regulated. You trick or treat from 6-8pm and that is all. My kids would die if they knew in other cities you start at dark and stay out as late as you want.) Anyway after gathering more than enough candy we headed back to G-ma & G-pa’s house to examine the loot. Daniel and his friends were sharing 2 bags between the 4 of them. So what are 3 engineering students (and 1 undecided) to do with all that candy? Sort it into very precise piles, of course. Each candy was put in its own group; split up by type, size and color, then divvied up exactly equal. With a debate over who should get each extra piece when it wasn’t equal. It was all done very analytically exactly how you would expect a bunch of engineers to go about it!




What you may ask did we do with all that candy? IMG_3264


Well the college kids took theirs back to campus where I’m sure it was devoured. But Bethany & Thomas, after a bit of cajoling on my part and a few days of candy eating, gave up what was left of their candy in exchange for $25 each. With all the hype about the flu and the effect that sugar has on lowering your immune system I just didn’t want them to have anything extra taxing their systems.


Thomas as a ninja


Beth as The Backseats man, she is so weird!

First day of classes at OSU

Not being able to talk to my child every day is driving me crazy. I’m dying to know more details than the few texts or 30 second conversations are giving me. I want to know what he did yesterday at the Community Commitment Day, or if he remembered to go to his first scholars meeting yesterday afternoon. I did talk to him for a second last night and he told me he was eating hot dogs at the synagogue. Hmm… Kosher hot dogs? Yes, and they were free. Which explains why he was at a synagogue.

Since I still get copies of his OSU emails I now know which groups he signed up for at the involvement fair: Ultimate Frisbee (which he loves to play,) Racquetball (which he’s never played before but I could see him liking,) haven’t received anything from the skydiving group yet, and there was an email from a  Christian group that had a picture of sailing on the top of the page but no mention of sailing in the email. I remembered that he said he signed up for  a sailing group, hmm was it really a Christian group disguised as a sailing group or has Daniel found religion? I doubt it was the later of the two. 🙂

Today is the first day of classes; he loves that his first class is never before 11:30am.

Today’s schedule is:

11:30-12:18 Chemistry 121, lecture

2:30-3:18 Math 150, lecture

Thursday is a little more intense:

11:30-2:18 Chemistry 121, lab

2:30-3:18 Math 150, recitation

3:30-5:18 Engineer 181.02, lab

There is no time to eat on Thursdays, until he’s done with classes. But a full day of labs is way better than a full day of lectures!

Fridays schedule:

11:30-12:18 Chemistry 121, lecture

12:30-1:18 Engineer 100.12, lecture

2:30-3:18 Math 150, lecture

3:30-4:18 Engineer 181.02, lecture

(Monday and Tuesday are the same as Wed. and Friday)

That works out to 14 credit hours, plus lots of homework. So hopefully, the partying will end and the studying will start!

OSU’s Cummunity Commitment Day

This is what Daniel is up to today:

From 8:30-2:30 OSU students are involved in Community Commitment Day:

Come learn what being a Buckeye is all about making a difference in the Columbus community and making new friends through Community Commitment! Students have the opportunity to participate in one of the largest single-day community service projects on a college campus and join in the great tradition of service at Ohio State. Registration begins at the Wexner Center Plaza at 8:30am. After receiving a free t-shirt and hearing an inspiring message, students are transported to a local agency where they perform various community service activities. This year community commitment will focus on issues of child access to education and poverty alleviation through partnerships with the “Know How to Go” Campaign and the Buckeye Book Community. First year students who attend will receive Success Series credit for their survey class.

I did talk to Daniel last night and he is having a good time (to good of a time maybe) living on campus. He has discovered frat parties and it sounds like he has been to one almost every night. He’s getting along well with his 2 room mates and he’s thoroughly enjoying sharing a floor with all the engineering guys on his side and especially all the cheerleaders on the other side. He met a friend of Beth’s that’s a cheerleader and living in the same building. He has promised to bring her home for dinner sometime soon, so we may get to see him before Thanksgiving.

Classes start tomorrow so I hope all this preclass partying dies down and he gets serious about studying soon!

Yesterday Daniel participated in the Presidents picnic & Convocation at the horseshoe (in the rain) then walked around the Student Involvement Fair:

If you ever thought about, considered, or NEVER considered getting involved at Ohio State then the Student Involvement Fair is an absolute must! There will be more than 500 student organizations, clubs, community service agencies, campus offices, and local and national businesses to show you what there is to do at Ohio State when you’re not in class. The Student Involvement Fair will feature loads of giveaways, music and entertainment, and hundreds of displays and exhibitions as well allowing you the opportunity to learn more about what Ohio State has to offer you! This is an event you do not want to miss!

He rattled off a list of clubs that he signed up for but the only one that stuck in my memory is the the skydiving club. He didn’t find the booth for the 1 engineering group he actually wanted to sign up for, Baja club where they build and race dune buggies. But there is a separate interest fair next month just for engineering clubs. He regrets not walking down the fraternity/ sorority row, apparently they were passing out fliers to all the parties around campus. Luckily one of the other guys on his floor got the flier. Phew that was a close call. 🙂

More pics from move-in day:

Dan resting after the big move, Daniel pondering his room.

Daniel and 1 of his room mates, Ryan.

study room on Daniel’s floor

common room on the main floor of the building.

The kitchen area off the common room.

What’s Daniel up to??

I’ve had some questions about what Daniel is doing since he moved onto campus a few days before the 5,000 other students. Daniel signed up to be an OWL (Ohio State Welcome Leader) so he gets to move in early then on the official move in day (Sunday) he helps other students move in. But what’s he doing on that big empty campus?

Well he’s probably playing on his computer and wondering why I’m telling everyone his schedule.

Here’s a breakdown of his day today:

Friday, September 18TH




2:00-4:00 PM: BUCKEYE HUNT



So it looks like he’ll have a fun filled day. Now if he only has some free time I could bring him that TP that we forgot and his stereo, which he seems to be more concerned about than the TP.

Here are the crates that Daniel gets to move on Sunday, of course then they’ll be full!

and here is a video of Daniel’s room