Bedroom floors

After a grueling 14 hour day the floors are finally installed. I really thought it would only take another 4-5 hours to finish, boy was I wrong! I couldn’t have done it without my mom. It’s so much easier doing jobs like this when you have someone helping you. All the complications that pop up aren’t nearly as overwhelming when you have someone else to run ideas by. I love so much about this floor; first off the cost the wood was only $150 plus another $40 or so for construction adhesive. I don’t know of any other flooring option that I could have purchased for $200 for 450 sqft. It also was relatively easy to install but it could have been 100% easier. I had Home Depot do all my cuts instead of having Dan do it. Which Dan said was a very bad idea, he claimed it’s easy with the big saw they use at HD to get off on the cuts. I didn’t believe him and figured it was my quickest option. Oh boy was he right. The boards were supposed to be 8 inches but they varied from 7.5 to 8.5 inches. Which makes it very hard to lay the floor without getting huge gaps. I wanted small gaps and we used pennies as spacers but if the boards going across the room weren’t the same width than the next row would be off. It added quite a challenge to the project.

Here’s one of those excessively large gaps. I also should have painted the existing floor white before I laid the wood floor. Unless you’re on your hands and knees you don’t really notice and I did try to brush paint into the big cracks when I was whitewashing the floors but it would have been better to paint it white first.


IMG_4842 IMG_4845IMG_4849

I really like the way the wood looked but it blended too much with the plank wall and I really did want the room to have the overall white feel to it. So I decided to whitewash the floors.Painting floors is super easy and fast, I’ve done it in the basement and it’s really satisfying because of how quick and easy it is. White washing floors on the other hand is not easy or fast. I watered down 1 gallon of primer with 1 gallon of water (which was WAY more paint than I needed) then I rolled it on across 1 board and then I had to get down on my knees with a towel and rub it in until it was all blended. It was long, exhausting and my poor knees were so sore. I couldn’t find our knee pads and kneeling on a towel just wasn’t helping. This part took at least 5 hours and by the end I was ready to die.


It looks chalky in those pics but once it was all done and I put the clear coat on it turned out so pretty. I LOVED the clear coat I used, Bona FloorPoly, it was on clearance at HD so I don’t know if it is being discontinued. It’s water based so it won’t yellow like polyurethane and it didn’t smell bad at all. Plus it was dry in about an hour. It only took about an hour to put a coat down and I didn’t have to be down on my knees so double bonus!

After the first coat dried I decided I needed to do a light sanding on the floors. I really didn’t want to but they felt rough and I knew it would make a huge difference. So I ran to Ace and bought some new knee pads, got my hand sander with 220 grit sandpaper and sanded the entire floor. It went pretty quick, I think it took about an hour and it really did make a huge difference. The floors are buttery smooth now, so much better!


It was a little challenging working around the bed. When we got the bed into the bedroom it had to come up over the roof and in through the sliding doors. So I have two spots where the mattress is overhanging that I need to touch up today.


I’ve started moving some the furniture upstairs and the next job is installing the closet shelving and curtains.

Bedroom makeover

The bedroom is moving right along…

I got everything emptied out of the bedroom and scattered all over my house, then BJ and Thomas very kindly removed all the carpet, and neatly rolled it into small enough rolls that the trash would pick it up. After I removed all the tack strips and staples the painting started. Thank goodness BJ helped me paint the high areas, I had asked Thomas but he refuses to help paint. BJ was a trooper and climbed up onto the rafters and painted my ceiling. That bedroom took a long time to paint and was very difficult due to all the angles!


I then decided to add a plank wall on each end wall, which I would have never finished without my moms help. Thank goodness we both have the construction gene that we inherited from my g-pa who used to build houses. My mom helps me with so many projects, and I never seem to reciprocate.


We also had to remove the railing in preparation for the new wall to be built. It does make the bedroom a bit hazardous, you definitely have to watch your step.

I had hoped to either paint the existing floors or possibly tear up the asbestos tiles and under laminate to expose the original wood subfloor. But neither of those options worked out, so the next cheapest alternative was to use Luanne cut into 8 inch strips and installed similar to how you would lay a real hardwood floor. I’m only 1/2 way done since I had to pause for wall construction, but so far I love how its turning out. I’m going to white wash the floors to keep with the white theme of the bedroom and to prevent it from looking like a sauna.


At this point I really wished I could just keep the room open without adding a wall that was going to cut my room in half. But that was only going to work if I continued to keep our clothes scattered all over the house. And really how long can I keep apologizing to visitors for having my underwear sitting in the living room?

So construction on the wall started… and about this point I thought I was going to have a panic attack. I really didn’t want to tell Dan that the wall I insisted we needed and had committed to paying a contractor for, had to come down because it was chopping up my big open space. So I took many deep breaths and reminded myself over and over of all the space I would have with no clutter.


And then the drywall went up and I felt like I lived in a trailer, I don’t know why it felt like that it just did. Dan was very kind and just said, I know you don’t like the wall but you will in awhile. Which is pretty much how these things always work out. I’ve discovered that I really prefer to have Dan do my construction so I can stop him 400 times during a job and question repeatedly if we’re making the right choices. You can’t do that when you pay someone else to do the work.


The sanding will be finished today, then I need to paint the new walls, finish installing the floors, then white wash and seal them. Install some trim, add the shelves, hanging rods and lights to the closet. Paint and reinstall the railing. Finish redoing all the furniture that I’m doing for the bedroom, because I’m sure most people in the midst of redoing a room also paint and reupholster all the furniture that they want to put in the room. And then finally install my new turquoise curtains (the only color in the all white room) and decorate. I’ll post the next blog with the final bedroom reveal. My goal is to have all that done by the time we leave for our camping trip next Thurs. So I have 1 week, except not really since I won’t really start the work until Dan leaves again for FL on Sunday. So I’ll have 4 days! Man I hope my mom is planning on coming over to help!