CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund Runway Show in L.A.

While Beth was in LA she did a few runway shows. One of them was for the CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund. She walked for both Pamela Love and Joseph Altuzarra. It was hard to find any pictures of her from the shows, this was all I could find floating around the internet.

Vogue Daily — Frédéric Fekkai with models.Donato Sardella/

Donato Sardella/

Beth was excited that she OPENED the show with a look for Joseph Altuzarra and he chose her to accompany him on his walk out on the stage.

He was also the Winner of the CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund Challenge.

John Shearer/

Being in the show and having her hair done by world famous hair designer Frederic Fekkai landed Beth her picture in the January issue of Vogue:

Here’s one of the pictures of Beth in Vogue, there is also 1 more small one of her in the Pamela Love look.

And here is the video of the runway show that Beth did in LA. You may see a fleeting image of her right after Pamela Love speaks, then the video ends with the same picture that made it into Vogue.

Watch for Beth at :58 (I think that’s her) and again at 2:46

Beth’s first runway show in NYFW

Beth’s first ever show in New York was in the Richard Chai show. I LOVE this picture, she looks stunning. I think she wore the best dress in the line.


Beth Richard Chai

Yay! I found a video that included Beth, she is about 3rd from the end, right before the girl with the pink hair.

You can also see another video feed at Thread NY, where if you look closely you can see Beth walk by. But the exciting thing about this article is they used the picture of Beth for the story.

Thread NY

Richard Chai Fall 2011: Dramatic Length and Unusual Layers

HighBall Halloween

Beth’s friend Stanley was asked to design a outfit for the Young Designers runway show going on at HighBall Halloween in the Short North, and Stanley asked Beth to be his model. So we headed down to the Short North to watch all the excitement. Before the young designers show, there was a kids costume contest that was very cute and fun to watch.





Later on in the evening there would be an adult costume contest, so the streets were full of interesting characters, it was a great time to be taking pictures on High St.!





Finally the show began. All of the other young designers were REALLY young and they were designing for little kids. So down the runway came lots of little kids, then Beth all 6+ feet of her in her scantily clad dress, then more little kids. It could have been planned a little better. I think 2 shows one for 7-13 and another for 14-18 year olds would be perfect. Really give the high school age designers in the city a place to show off what they’re working on.

But either way Beth still rocked the runway!




Local Fashion Show at Luxboheme

Beth was asked to help out a friend by walking in a local runway show for a little boutique downtown Columbus. We were excited because we didn’t have to drive 1/2 way across the country. Plus  her grandparents and a couple friends got to come watch. The night started out with champagne and hors d’oeuvres on the rooftop terrace.

Here’s my mom and Dan’s mom visiting on the roof:


Dan’s Dad and my Dad

rooftop 6

Dan chatting it up with Beth’s friend Stanley and Jaris

rooftop 7

and Beth, Melissa and Lena. Ha I must have snuck this picture of Melissa in without her noticing, normally she doesn’t let me take her picture.


and this is the champagne that we were very much enjoying!


Ooh a picture of me, I never make it to the blog

rooftop 3

Since this is small boutique all of the models were friends of the owners, Beth was youngest, tallest and most modelesque. While Beth stuck to her regular runway walk the other women were having more fun with show and dancing around, spinning, and spending a lot more time out on the floor. I was wishing that someone would tell Beth that she could have more fun with it and not be so serious (she couldn’t see what the other models were doing.) When I mentioned that to her after the show she said her friend Stanley did tell her to slow down and have fun but she thought he was kidding.

beth look 1


beth look 3

beth look 4

And here is Beth’s friend Stanley, who is interning at the boutique. He is the picture of high fashion in those red stilettos!


beth look 5

beth look 6 final walk thru

This is Priscilla the owner of Luxboheme along with photographer, Tommy Feisel.


show 3

show 4

After the show we stopped by Knead for some desserts. Here is Rick the chef, owner and Dan’s best friend being amazed at how tall Beth is with her heels on. (He is actually crouching down just a a little bit, but then again so is Beth.)


**Some of these photos were taken by photographer Tommy Feisel

Videos from STLFW

I am most definitely NOT a videographer! These are pretty crappy videos and I somehow completely missed one of Beth’s walks (possibly the lens cover was closed, who knows)

We LOVED the music for the fashion show. Beth especially loved the song that is playing in this video.

Beth looks so much taller than the other girls in this line up.
Two great songs in this video but I can’t find either of them on iTunes, darn.

St. Louis Fashion Week

Well its not NY but we still had a lot of fun. Beth had a great time doing her show Sat. night. She got to reconnect with some friends from last year and she made some new friends. She was initially nervous about walking but once the shows start she enjoys the adrenaline rush. This years fashion week was a little different than past years instead of having designers from around the world the focus was local boutiques. The culmination of the week was Saturday night’s show Liquid Style taking place in the renovated Old Post Office Plaza Downtown. The shows featured St. Louis boutiques, including Sole and Blues, Rung, Klutch Boutique, The Eye Bar and Boutique 83 (formerly Perchelle Boutique).

She walked twice for Klutch Boutique:(Dan was having a hard time with the dark lighting and the camera, thus the blurry pictures)


Ironically she lost a contact the night before the show, then she ended up wearing fake glasses in the shows. If she had brought her own glasses she could have worn them and been able to see.


IMG_3789 IMG_3790

Beth was a little nervous about these boots because they were a last minute change and she hadn’t had a chance to practice walking in them before she went on the runway. They ended up being fine.

IMG_3794 IMG_3800 IMG_3802 IMG_3819

Next she walked for Rung:

IMG_3835 IMG_3840 IMG_3854 IMG_3863

I’m still working on the videos…

hurry up and wait…

…is the world of modeling. Get to the theater at 2pm for 2 hours of fittings, then 2 hours for the walk through, then 2 hours for hair and make-up, then finally at 8pm the show is scheduled to start. Which means the show should start by 9. During the time Beth is off with the other models we try to make ourselves as inconspicuous as possible. All the other model moms that I met last year were at the Friday night show. Today we are the only behind the scenes parents milling about. its much more awkward to be the only one. The theater is only a 10 min walk from our hotel and Beth would be fine here with the other girls. We may leave for awhile or we may just stay in the this basement hanging out waiting for the brief moments when we actually get to see Beth through this whole process. We’re not needed but we don”t want to leave.



IMG_3606 IMG_3607 IMG_3609

This is what the models eat throughout the day. Monster is a very popular beverage, along with a fruit tray and veggie tray. I overheard one girl offer to share the food her mom packed for her, lamenting that her mom, “was such a mom’” but I couldn’t help but think she was happy that her mom had actually packed her something to eat.


I started the day attempting to be fashionable, heels although not nearly as tall or skinny as the much younger girls, I also wore my hair down. After a few hours into the day and 1 trip back to the hotel I ditched the heels and got my hair out of my face. I don’t know how all the pretty people do it, living in heels always being dressed up,  it’s exhausting!

Here is Beth during the practice runs. It was a beautiful day to be sitting outside listening to the show music blasting through downtown (I love the show music I wish they sold a copy of it!) and watching Beth walk the runway.



IMG_3664 IMG_3665 IMG_3675

The start of the makeover process:


The final look (this is after the shows are all over and back in our hotel room, so she’s a bit windblown and hyped up but tired all rolled into one):


I literally finished this post walking out of the hotel so the editing may be a bit off.

Back in St. Louis

IMG_3463people have been asking, “what’s happening with Beth’s modeling?” and the short answer is nothing. She had braces put on several months ago to fix a problem she was having with TMJ, so that put her into the “in development” phase, while we all wait for the braces to come off. The braces should be off by the end of the year then hopefully we’ll have lots of exciting model stories to report.

In the mean time she was invited back to do St. Louis Fashion Week. This time it’s just Dan and me accompanying Beth as opposed to last year when Dan couldn’t make it but my parents and Thomas joined us instead. The set up is quite a bit different from last year with most the models only participating in one show and all the shows being hosted at different locations around the city.


We drove into town Friday evening in time to watch some of Beth’s friends in the Friday night show. It was fun to see all the excitement of a fashion show again even though this one was a little different. It was done in a very upper class shopping mall and all of the outfits were styled by the mall stores. So now we have an idea of what styles are in for fall even though we still can’t afford to go buy new wardrobes.

Beth is in the Sat. night show so that gave us a little bit of time to wander around St. Louis on Sat. morning. One thing Beth wanted to do was go to the Valerie Mills boutique. Last year we ended up with 2, $25 gift cards in our goodie bags and Beth was determined to use them. After a crazy round-about detour thanks to an angry GPS unit we finally made it to another very upscale shopping area.

Following the GPS led us around a corner and to a rd that completely torn up, we almost hit the sign.

Who knew St. Louis had so many exclusive shopping areas. You know when the Ritz Carlton is across the parking lot that it’s not going to an inexpensive shop.


It is however the cutest little boutique! With a lovely golden retriever that kept Dan busy while Beth and I looked around.


We very discreetly tried to find something that would be even close to $50 with no luck. You know when tank tops are $125 and leggings are $195 that you’re probably just out of luck. But I told Beth to go talk to the 2 sales people and see if there was anything in the store in her budget. They very sweetly went through the prices of the very simple earrings that were all just barely in her budget. Then one on the sales people went into the back and came out with a great pair of white pants an a blank tank that had been left over from the summer clearance sale. Originally priced at $350 for both we ended up buying them for only an additional $30 on top of the 2 gift cards. Definitely the best deal in the store.


Fountain outside Valerie Mills


Now we’re off to wait for tonight’s big show and all the fun of the day!

Our last day in St. Louis

Beth was in an afternoon show on Sat. which meant a 7am check in. The girls were all tired but they were there and ready to work. For some reason Beth was expecting an “old white guy” for the designer, I guess the name Michael Shead lends to that image.  Instead he was a young hip African American man that was a lot more fun to work with that an old white guy. He had very strong opinions about how he wanted the girls to look on the runway. When they do the run through the designers talk to the girls and make any changes in their walks or looks. With Michael he showed the girls exactly what he didn’t want he told them , “don’t go out there and do none of that Clydesdale walking, that is so ’02” and if you gave him any of that “horse shit” he would just pass you off to another show. For some reason when a gay man says that it’s just funny. He also told all the models that he picked them because of their looks but he’s watched them throughout the week and loves all their walks. Then he specifically told Beth that he wished she lived closer because he would like for her to be in another show he’s doing next Sunday. And he told her that she is so “editorial” I guess that means she should be doing some magazine layouts. Beth just loved him and they are already friends on facebook.

Michael Shead #2 Micheal Shead Michael Shead #3 Michael Shead #4

The other highlight on Saturday was that Beth found out that all the girls that walked in the Bolongaro Trevor (the designers that came in from the UK) show would get to go through a box of their clothes and keep something. Yeah free clothes! That had the girls running around the hotel frantically trying to find the person in charge so they could get first dibs. They ended up having to wait until after the night time show. So at 9:30pm there was a group of girls along with Attilio one of the co-owners of fashion week, heading down to choose their items. It was like one of those bridal sales you see on the news, girls were stripping down to their thongs (they no longer seem to care who they change in front of) and trying on everything while looking for the specific clothes they wore in the show. Beth and her friend Hillary were the last to make their choices, there were so many things they really wanted that just couldn’t decide. Everyone else had had left long ago and Attilio had to get to the after hours party so the girls were left alone in the room with all the clothes (and all the shoes that were used in all the shows) waiting for the other co-owner, Jill. Attilio mentioned that the girls may be able to go through the other 3 taped up boxes of clothes but he wasn’t sure so they had to wait for Jill. When Jill finally arrived she said no they had to choose from the box they had been looking in. This spurred a whole new session of playing dress up. Finally the girls made their choices. Beth ended up with the blue dress that she wore in the show. maybe when we’re in London we’ll get to go to the Bolongaro Trevor store and Beth can wear her new dress.

Speaking of London Jeff has said that setting up our Europe trip is first thing on his agenda for Monday. The plan is for us to go for 4 weeks and he said he wants us to be home in time for Thanksgiving (as do we.) By my calculations that means we’ll be leaving very soon, like this week! But we’re still waiting to hear the final plans.

Here are some more pics from the week:

Beth being weird




head shot #2 head shot