Kohlrabi Salad

I posted in the last CSA blog a recipe for a salad made with the leaves from our Kohlrabi. I decided to make this salad last night to bring with us on our trip to North Carolina. It will give me something to eat on the road when everyone else is eating subway. Plus it should last through the first couple days of vacation.

Here’s my pile of leaves, I cut out the stem then washed and spun them. It really was quite a huge pile of leaves from just 2 kohlrabi. IMG_1299

This is after I rolled them then thinly sliced the leaves.


I changed the recipe around a bit.

Shredded leaves from 2 Kohlrabi bulbs

shredded carrot

shredded Kohlrabi bulb

finely chopped garlic scapes

finely chopped onion

finely chopped red sweet pepper

finely chopped hot pepper

chopped cilantro

tossed with dressing:

Flax oil

sea salt

juice from 1 lemon

coconut vinegar

coconut liquid aminos

Let marinate for a few hours so the leaves soften a bit.


CSA, June 12

What we got this week:

Kohlrabi, it is in the cabbage family. You peel the root and can use it fresh in salad, grated in coleslaw, or cooked like a potato, it tastes like a combination of cabbage and apples! The leaves can be used like Kale. (which is a good thing since we, sadly, didn’t get any kale this week)

Swiss Chard, can be used like spinach or kale but has a stronger taste. I don’t care for it in my fruit smoothies but i do have a good risotto recipe that calls for Swiss chard.

Garlic Scapes, these are the flower stem from the garlic plant. They are super garlicky and you can use them as you would use a clove of garlic, the entire thing is edible, just chop it up. I chopped some up and put them in a salad yesterday. We have a ton coming from our garden also, last fall Dan planted a pretty big garlic patch, so if anyone wants to try the scapes let me know.

Sugar snap peas

and of course, Lettuce

here’s the kohlrabi


this is everything


sugar snap peas





Mixed greens salad
  • thinly slice the kohlrabi leaves (roll them to a cigar shape, then chop cross-wise to get thin ribbons, then, if you like, chop once again cross-wise to the first chop, to make shorter pieces) Place in a large mixing bowl.
  • Add other thinkly sliced greens (kale, collards, chard, spinach – whatever you have handy)
  • Add finely chopped onion, chopped kalamata olives, seasonings (chili powder, or curry powder are good)
  • Add 1 T olive oil and 1 T apple cider vinegar
  • Massage the mixture with your hand to thoroughly combine and draw the liquid from the leaves.
  • OPTIONAL: Add chopped tomatoes, and/or chopped avocado, and toss.
  • Allow to marinate for 30 mins. to 8 hrs. (or more)

Will keep in the refrigerator for 5 days.

For more information about this CSA you can contact:

Ben and Lisa Sippel

Sippel Family Farm



CSA, June 6

Saturday’s CSA pick up included a bag of spinach, bag of spring mix lettuces, bunch of green lettuce, bunch of kale and a bunch of escarole. Lots of greens! This is going to be a week of salads!

We also bought 4 pints of strawberries, a bone for Ann, beef sticks and sausage and several herbs to plant in the garden.

I think the escarole and strawberries will make a nice salad. The kale will go into smoothies. The green lettuce and spring mix will make even more salads. And I may have Dan cook the spinach with some onions and garlic, the kids think he makes the best wilted spinach ever!

IMG_0829 IMG_0836

Ann enjoying her bone, it is way too big for her mouth!


For more information about this CSA go to:

Ben and Lisa Sippel


This week’s CSA and market purchases

This week we got spinach, kale, bok choy, green onions, lettuce and more mint. So what are my plans for these veggies. Well Dan never put together his kimchee from last week so I’ll probably get that started and add this weeks bok choy along with last weeks (and the daikon radishes we bought from the market.)

We’re going to a memorial day party and I was asked to bring Caesar salad, instead of going and buying Romaine lettuce, I’ll use the green lettuce mixed with some of the other lettuces I have in the fridge. Here’s a link to my Caesar Salad dressing recipe.

The mint replaced what was left of last weeks mint in the vase in my kitchen window. I did add some to a strawberry/ lemon smoothie last week and it was very yummy, so I’ll do that again.

And last but not least, my favorite, the kale will be added to daily smoothies.


We also bought 4 pints of organic strawberries, so juicy and sweet!


And Dan wanted to try some bison so we bought bison hotdogs (no nitrates or MSG’s added) and bison burgers. Dan made the bison burgers last night and very much enjoyed them.

We also usually buy cheese; this week we got baby Swiss and habenero cheese.


Plus I bought 3 white creeping thyme plants to plant in between my stones in the walkway going to my neighbors house. That plant is supposed to survive being walked on, if it works it will make the walkway much prettier.

My plan for this year is to take $40 with me to the market and not spend any more. Yesterday we spent $10 on strawberries, $10 on cheese, $10 on my 3 plants, and about $9 on the meat.

For more information about this CSA please contact:

Ben and Lisa Sippel

Sippel Family Farm