More pics from St. Louis

On Friday Beth was at a shoot all day with Jill and Attilio along with some assistants and interns. They are the nicest people and Beth loves working with them. Luckily we get to see them almost every time we go St. Louis.

Here’s Beth in her cape from American Apparel, it was the hit of the day. It was so loved that they decided to start the shoot with her wearing it. And off course no pants, that was the theme of the day. I teased Jill that maybe next time we did a shoot with them pants would be back in fashion.


I mentioned the shoes yesterday, Beth loves all the shoes she gets to wear in the shoots. Unfortunately, she wears a size 11 and most of the sample shoes are size 10 or smaller. So she squeezes into what she can and they improvise the rest.

With this pair they had to use a safety pin to stretch the strap since her heal is hanging so far off the back.


But that was OK since they were covering them with leg warmers.


These ones look like they fit pretty well, just a little hang over.





Here is Attilio shooting Beth, we LOVE Attilio (and his faithful sidekick Jill) they are the ones that put together St. Louis Fashion Week and did the editorial of Beth for Corridor 40.




Beth got to model with another new model Blake Myers, that has already done some work in New York and is getting ready to head to London. It really helped Beth to see how she moves in front of the camera.



Here’s Jeff updating his pictures of Beth. This was the first time he’d seen Beth in a year and he was giddy with excitement at how she’s grown up. I love all the tush shots of Beth, she’s got the cutest little hiney. I couldn’t help but take pictures of it, just like when she was a baby. And we got to see a lot of it since it was a pantless shoot.


These shoes were the really painful ones, she had to curl her toes under to make them fit. Plus she had them on for a pretty long time. The whole shoot took 8 hours with about 4 wardrobe changes so she could have each pair on a few hours. I asked her why she didn’t ask to change shoes if they were really bad and she said that would make it worse, after awhile your toes get used to it and with a different pair of shoes you’d have to start all over. It sounds like ancient foot binding techniques. Ouch!


Last Beth got to wear these heavy combat boots. The theme for this look was feathers.


On Sat Beth was back for a short shoot with Attilio & Jill then off to see Stephen for a video & photo shoot. Stephen is the first photographer to shoot Beth and she always enjoys working with him. He has such a quiet gentleness about him that you wouldn’t expect from all the tattoos covering his arms.


Finally a pair of shoes that fit, Beth got to wear her own shoes for this shoot.


One of Stephen’s Chihuahua’s was watching the shoot.


It was another great trip to St. Louis! Thanks to my dad for driving us there and chauffeuring us around the city. And for being my gambling partner in the evenings. I just broke even but I almost got that elusive royal flush…


Back to St. Louis

Beth has finally returned to modeling after taking a 9 month break while she had braces on. Our first stop was back to St. Louis to see her mother agents and get some test shots done. After they get the shots back form the photographers they’ll decide what her next step will be. Possibly New York towards the end of Feb. for more test shots. Then she could be off to work in one of the many markets around the world (New York, Miami, Paris, London, Milan.) Beth is ready to go NOW, I’m a little more hesitant about her just taking off for 3 months on her own. But I’m a whole lot more confortable with the idea now then when this first started and she had just turned 16. Either way I’ll go with her to New York in Feb then we’ll see what happens after that.

I thought it would be fun to compare photos from Beth’s very first shoot and this past weekend. When this all started she had just turned 16 now she is almost 18.

May 2009

Jan. 2011 (this is really a horrible picture taken with my phone, sorry Beth.)

2009, her hair was MUCH shorter! She had just had it all cut off right before she was “discovered.” She has not had it cut since then.

Here she is with her longer hair still being shot by Stephen the first photographer that shot her back in 2009. She’s also wearing the bodysuit that she just bought at American Apparel, she likes to point out that its actually meant to be worn with something else not all by itself. And there are those combat boots she just got at Target. It was the only time this weekend that the shoes actually fit her.

I remember Jeff and Mary emailing us a list of clothing items Beth needed for the shoot so off we went to Forever 21, $300 later she had a stack of clothes that I don’t think I’ve ever seen her wear again.

Tomorrow’s post will have some more pics of the shoot and pics of all those darn shoes that are always just 1 or 2 sizes too small.

Videos from STLFW

I am most definitely NOT a videographer! These are pretty crappy videos and I somehow completely missed one of Beth’s walks (possibly the lens cover was closed, who knows)

We LOVED the music for the fashion show. Beth especially loved the song that is playing in this video.

Beth looks so much taller than the other girls in this line up.
Two great songs in this video but I can’t find either of them on iTunes, darn.

St. Louis Fashion Week

Well its not NY but we still had a lot of fun. Beth had a great time doing her show Sat. night. She got to reconnect with some friends from last year and she made some new friends. She was initially nervous about walking but once the shows start she enjoys the adrenaline rush. This years fashion week was a little different than past years instead of having designers from around the world the focus was local boutiques. The culmination of the week was Saturday night’s show Liquid Style taking place in the renovated Old Post Office Plaza Downtown. The shows featured St. Louis boutiques, including Sole and Blues, Rung, Klutch Boutique, The Eye Bar and Boutique 83 (formerly Perchelle Boutique).

She walked twice for Klutch Boutique:(Dan was having a hard time with the dark lighting and the camera, thus the blurry pictures)


Ironically she lost a contact the night before the show, then she ended up wearing fake glasses in the shows. If she had brought her own glasses she could have worn them and been able to see.


IMG_3789 IMG_3790

Beth was a little nervous about these boots because they were a last minute change and she hadn’t had a chance to practice walking in them before she went on the runway. They ended up being fine.

IMG_3794 IMG_3800 IMG_3802 IMG_3819

Next she walked for Rung:

IMG_3835 IMG_3840 IMG_3854 IMG_3863

I’m still working on the videos…

hurry up and wait…

…is the world of modeling. Get to the theater at 2pm for 2 hours of fittings, then 2 hours for the walk through, then 2 hours for hair and make-up, then finally at 8pm the show is scheduled to start. Which means the show should start by 9. During the time Beth is off with the other models we try to make ourselves as inconspicuous as possible. All the other model moms that I met last year were at the Friday night show. Today we are the only behind the scenes parents milling about. its much more awkward to be the only one. The theater is only a 10 min walk from our hotel and Beth would be fine here with the other girls. We may leave for awhile or we may just stay in the this basement hanging out waiting for the brief moments when we actually get to see Beth through this whole process. We’re not needed but we don”t want to leave.



IMG_3606 IMG_3607 IMG_3609

This is what the models eat throughout the day. Monster is a very popular beverage, along with a fruit tray and veggie tray. I overheard one girl offer to share the food her mom packed for her, lamenting that her mom, “was such a mom’” but I couldn’t help but think she was happy that her mom had actually packed her something to eat.


I started the day attempting to be fashionable, heels although not nearly as tall or skinny as the much younger girls, I also wore my hair down. After a few hours into the day and 1 trip back to the hotel I ditched the heels and got my hair out of my face. I don’t know how all the pretty people do it, living in heels always being dressed up,  it’s exhausting!

Here is Beth during the practice runs. It was a beautiful day to be sitting outside listening to the show music blasting through downtown (I love the show music I wish they sold a copy of it!) and watching Beth walk the runway.



IMG_3664 IMG_3665 IMG_3675

The start of the makeover process:


The final look (this is after the shows are all over and back in our hotel room, so she’s a bit windblown and hyped up but tired all rolled into one):


I literally finished this post walking out of the hotel so the editing may be a bit off.

Back in St. Louis

IMG_3463people have been asking, “what’s happening with Beth’s modeling?” and the short answer is nothing. She had braces put on several months ago to fix a problem she was having with TMJ, so that put her into the “in development” phase, while we all wait for the braces to come off. The braces should be off by the end of the year then hopefully we’ll have lots of exciting model stories to report.

In the mean time she was invited back to do St. Louis Fashion Week. This time it’s just Dan and me accompanying Beth as opposed to last year when Dan couldn’t make it but my parents and Thomas joined us instead. The set up is quite a bit different from last year with most the models only participating in one show and all the shows being hosted at different locations around the city.


We drove into town Friday evening in time to watch some of Beth’s friends in the Friday night show. It was fun to see all the excitement of a fashion show again even though this one was a little different. It was done in a very upper class shopping mall and all of the outfits were styled by the mall stores. So now we have an idea of what styles are in for fall even though we still can’t afford to go buy new wardrobes.

Beth is in the Sat. night show so that gave us a little bit of time to wander around St. Louis on Sat. morning. One thing Beth wanted to do was go to the Valerie Mills boutique. Last year we ended up with 2, $25 gift cards in our goodie bags and Beth was determined to use them. After a crazy round-about detour thanks to an angry GPS unit we finally made it to another very upscale shopping area.

Following the GPS led us around a corner and to a rd that completely torn up, we almost hit the sign.

Who knew St. Louis had so many exclusive shopping areas. You know when the Ritz Carlton is across the parking lot that it’s not going to an inexpensive shop.


It is however the cutest little boutique! With a lovely golden retriever that kept Dan busy while Beth and I looked around.


We very discreetly tried to find something that would be even close to $50 with no luck. You know when tank tops are $125 and leggings are $195 that you’re probably just out of luck. But I told Beth to go talk to the 2 sales people and see if there was anything in the store in her budget. They very sweetly went through the prices of the very simple earrings that were all just barely in her budget. Then one on the sales people went into the back and came out with a great pair of white pants an a blank tank that had been left over from the summer clearance sale. Originally priced at $350 for both we ended up buying them for only an additional $30 on top of the 2 gift cards. Definitely the best deal in the store.


Fountain outside Valerie Mills


Now we’re off to wait for tonight’s big show and all the fun of the day!

Christmas week Photoshoot

Tuesday night on my way to pick Beth up from work I got a text from her agents asking if it would be possible for Beth to come to St. Louis on Wed. for a photo shoot with another online modeling website. The feature is about MMM (Mother Model Management) and some of their up and coming new faces and those on the verge of break out! Beth was asked to join the shoot at the last minute, possibly because of the Corridor 40 editorial?

Well let’s see 2 days before Xmas, winter storms all over the Midwest…umm sure we can do that. So home we went to book a flight. Instead of sleeping in on Wed, finishing up our Xmas shopping, wrapping gifts then going to a Xmas party at a friends, Beth and I got up at 4:00am and headed to  the airport. We got to St. Louis without any problems. The weather was ok and the crowds were minimal. Jeff picked us up at the airport and we went straight to the shoot.

There were 7 girls at the shoot, plus a make up artist from NY that was running the production, a hair stylist, a clothing stylist and Jeff. We were later joined by a couple really cute boy models, Mary and 2 of Jeff and Mary’s grown up kids. I was the only mom at the shoot because there just wasn’t much space. It made for a long day of standing (literally standing) around watching the shoot. Photo shoots are really not very exciting to watch. Hours are spent prepping the girls then more hours are spent on the actual photographs. It’s not nearly as glamorous and you might think. Most of the models were girls that Beth had met at STL fashion week. So after a couple hours of awkward silence they warmed up to each other and chatted just a little. They don’t all know each other quite well enough to feel completely comfortable so it’s not as much fun as it could be. But as the day progressed they all seemed to loosen up a bit.

The shoot was about 30 min from the airport, so I told Jeff we needed to leave at 4 to make our 6 o’clock flight. He thought we could push it to 5 or later but we did threaten bodily harm if he made us miss our flight and leave us spending Xmas in STL! As the clock slowly approached 4 I was getting a little nervous that the shoot would never end. I envisioned spending Xmas at an airport, just Beth and me. Thanks to some rushing and Mary staying on top of the clock we did leave the shoot at 4, being driven by one of the aforementioned VERY cute male models. And not only was he way cute he was very sweet and got us to the airport in plenty of time.

Beth and I attempted to check in when we noticed that we didn’t need to rush after all, our flight to Chicago was delayed by an hour. Hmm…ok well that means we’ll miss our connecting flight. Which, of course, was the last flight out of Chicago Wed. night! At this point tears started pooling in my eyes and I just wanted the man behind the counter to fix it. Our options were to spend the night in the STL airport and fly out in the morning, fly to Chicago spend the night in that airport and hope we get to fly out in the morning, fly into Indianapolis and have Dan drive 3.5 hours to pick us up at 10:30 pm. None of those 3 were great options. While were waiting in line to make one of those changes I called SW airlines to see if they could book us on their last flight of the night to Columbus. Yes, they could get us on a direct flight to Columbus at 8pm for only $80 each. It was definitely worth $160 knowing we would be home tonight and not stuck, because of bad weather, in an airport on Xmas. By the time I got off the phone with SW I had made it to the counter so I could cancel our tickets with American and even more amazing they refunded my ticket price for the return flight so I got $350 back. Ka-ching! I ended up making $200 in this transaction.

The flight home was the worst flight I have ever been on. I really thought for a while we were going to die (although the flight attendants didn’t seem nearly as freaked out as I was.) It was bumpy and more like a roller coaster than a ride on a jet. We did finally make it home at 11:15pm. It was a grueling day but when we see Beth’s face on the website it will all be worth it, I think.

Either way I’m just glad we made it home for Christmas!