Yo-Yo Exhibition

I know its hard to remember that we have any other children besides Beth but we do still have Thomas and Daniel hiding in the wings. On Sunday we took Thomas to Miamisburg, Ohio for a yo-yo exhibition being put on by Pastor Mike. We met Mike at COSI when he was doing a top spinning and yo-yo demonstration. That’s when Thomas was really into yo-yoing and had learned several tricks. I guess Thomas Impressed him because when he emailed us the invitation this is what he said,

“Your son will love it.  We will have some beginners and probably lots of people with intermediate skills.  Even your son, with his advanced skills, will enjoy the day as Mark can help him with some new tricks and share some fun yo-yo stories.”

I don’t know how advanced his skills really are but he had fun showing off either way.



Mark Hayward is the 1995 Masters Division World Yo-yo Champion, and all around funny guy. He did a some demos of basic to advanced tricks then he did a few lessons. And finally he hung out with the kids and gave advice for tricks they were trying to master.


Me, I’m not so much of a yo-yoer…


Then they played a couple games. Everyone had fun trying to knock the cups down with a yo yo. Its much harder than yo would think.


The day ended with a competition to win a Velocity yo-yo from the yoyofactory.com. Of course, Thomas REALLY wanted to win that yo-yo! It was a yo-yo dribbling competition, keep your yo-yo going up and down without stopping. Once the yo-yo stops you’re out. Everyone was doing pretty good, sticking in the competition, so Mark had to make it a little more challenging.


Yo-yo while patting your head, next rubbing your belly, then hoping on 1 foot…


Eventually it was down to these last 3 contestants. After reciting the alphabet backwards they had to walk in circles around the table. Faster and faster….


While patting your head…


Until an unfortunate mistake cost Thomas his place, his yo-yo hit the table and stopped. Oh no now it was down to Dan and the other guy…


Once they stopped circling the table they both complained of being dizzy, but it was finally too much for one of them…



And the champion is….Dan!!!



Poor Thomas, he was not happy to be beat at by his dad, but hey at least the yo-yo is coming home with us, even if Dan is the actual owner.


And really does Thomas actually need anymore yo-yo’s? Here’s his case (that I made him for Xmas) I think he has plenty of yo-yo’s.


YoYo Champ at COSI

Sat morning I noticed this tweet from COSI:

Santa, holiday treats, @gamaonline Game Room, Holiday light show, world class YO-YO & Top Spinning artists. it’s today! Included w/admission

World Class YO-YO artist!! Well we had to go. So I gathered up Thomas and Beth and off to COSI we went. We headed straight to the atrium where there were all kinds of classic toys set up on tables. I think I was expecting a young, punkish, skate board looking, tattooed, Asian spinning yo-yo’s, since that’s who we seem to see in all the you-tube videos. Instead we were directed to the 2 older gentlemen in the corner that were playing with spinning tops.

We headed over to watch what they were doing but they seemed more interested in talking to each other than interacting with us. So after a few minutes we wandered to the gaming room to check out all the Settler of Catan (another favorite thing in our house) type games. The gaming room wasn’t quite set up yet so we headed back to the atrium to see if we could make any headway with the YO-YO guys.

This time I managed to get a word in and asked Dr. Zeemo what do you need to be To-Yo Champ, his response, “string, a yo-yo and little bit of time.” I guess I didn’t phrase my question correctly. OK lets try a different tact, Thomas oblivious to all outside stimuli took out his yo-yo and started doing what he does. Well this finally caught the yo-yo guys attention, apparently Thomas is pretty good. Besides Dr. Zeemo there was another gentleman, Mike Hout that is involved with a yo-yo group in Miamisburg, OH. They put together an annual competition, much like a spelling bee you keep progressing through the ranks local, state, national then international. After seeing what Thomas could do he said if we were available in February, if we were they would build a event around Thomas. This strikes me as very funny, I think the local yo-yo world is hurting for some fresh blood. But we are excited that we finally found a somewhat local competition that Thomas can try out.


Dr. Zeemo demonstrating his art.


Thomas really does seem to be oblivious to everything when he yo-yo’s but if I ask him questions about what was said he can repeat it all back, I think yo-yoing may help him concentrate.


Thomas and that yo-yo

Thomas really wanted a fancy yo-yo for his b-day. I’ve seen him yo-yo a bit with the inexpensive regular yo-yo’s you get at the store, it was never anything exceptional; up and down, walk the dog, around the world, just the regular tricks kids do. Then he started watching YouTube videos about yo-yo tricks (I think all the hula hooping videos segued into yo-yo videos.) Then he started researching yo-yo’s online and several months before his birthday he said the ONLY thing he wanted was a fancy yo-yo and a metal detector. That was it! And he kept talking about that yo-yo. Well as I’ve now learned there are quite a few different types of fancy yo-yo’s for all kinds of different types of tricks (literally I think there are hundreds.)

But Thomas chose the Yomega Maverick yo-yo

The Yomega Maverick is a new all-aluminum yoyo designed for low friction spinning. It has clean lines, an internal wing shape, and is even laser etched to reduce rub points.
Included with the Maverick Yo-yo is the Yomega Mania DVD. It includes maintenance instructions, a yoyo music video, bloopers, and more than 150 tricks filmed in high definition. The DVD has tricks for all skill levels, but this yo yo is best for intermediate and advanced users.

  • Stainless Steel Ball Bearing
  • Weighted outer perimeter
  • Smooth rubber return system
  • Adjustable gap system
  • Durable 6061 Aluminum Alloy (anodized for extra strength)
  • Includes trick book, extra string, and Yomega Mania DVD
  • See that’s a fancy yo-yo! And about that instructional DVD, it is running all time at our house. Whenever Thomas has free time (which he has a lot) he is watching that DVD and trying the tricks. He literally is always yo-yoing, unless he is doing schoolwork or snuggled up in the evening watching TV, he is yo-yoing. And he’s really good, he can actually do most the crazy tricks they do on the DVD, and the really advanced ones that he can’t do yet, I’m sure he’ll have figured out eventually.

    He’s already starting on his Xmas list with the other yo-yo’s he wants. Because you know there is a special yo-yo for all these different tricks!

    ***Thomas just came up to me to show me is finger where the string is leaving a permanent indentation and to tell me that he really needs a yo-yo glove, “because like in that song about about the guy that got his first real six string and he played it until his fingers bled, I’ll probably be yo-yoing until my fingers bleed.” That’s some serious dedication to the yo-yo.




    Rock the baby: